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OS/2 is a greatly different operating system for PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
Applications, news, reviews, support of users, hardware, questions and answers.
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Categories in 2009:

Best eComStation Application

// Homepage
Frank Schwedler: DVD/CD Toys

Firefox 3.x
// Homepage
Piet van Zon: Firefox version 3.5.3 is best browser.

PMView Pro
// Homepage, Whatsnew: Updates for SMP in 2009
Piet van Zon: PMview excelent fotoviewer

RSJ CD-Writer
// Homepage, Latest update: RSJ 6.03, 2008/05
Piet van Zon: RSJ good cd/dvd/ reader/writer

PMMail 3.x
// Homepage
Christian Hennecke: Since VOICE acquired PMMail/2 an incredible amount of bugs has been fixed and interesting new features have been introduced.

SMPlayer + MPlayer
// Screenshot
Christian Hennecke: SMPlayer, ported by Silvan Scherrer, and MPlayer, ported by KO Myung-Hun: Finally a working solution for playing multimedia files on eCS.

Lucide viewer
// Homepage; the 1-st version: 2006/06, current state: frozen;
Frank Schwedler: Lucide viewer

OpenOffice.org 3.x
// Homepage;
Joachim Benjamins: OpenOffice.org - more features, better integration to desktop.

Best WorkPlace Shell Application / desktop extender

NeoWPS with Sunny Icons
// Homepage; 2009 whatsnew: ready for SMP; new icons
Frank Schwedler: NeoWPS with Sunny Icons

// homepage
Unknown (USA): This utility gives the WPS an updated look coupled with available iconsets to provide a much improved and modern desktop experience. I don't care what anyone says - this is an important part of eComStation's continued existence.

// Homepage; review
Joachim Benjamins: must-have extender

Best eComStation Utility

// Homepage
Ed Durrant: As nomination the the e-ball awards I would like to nominate DFSEE in the best utility class. This disk manipulation program has capabilities that without this tool we would have major problems installing onto current hardware. It is not only the best disk utility on eCS it is also (IMHO) "best of class" on all platforms that it supports.

Well done on keeping this product up to date and useful Jan!

SAMBA client/server
// web-site
Mike Koelling: My nomination is SAMBA for OS/2 (eComStation). UNIX-Port from Herwig Bauernfeind and Paul Smedley (netlabs.org driven)

This is an excellent replacement for the out-dated IBM Peer Network.

Virtual Keyboard/2
// Homepage;
Eugene Gorbunoff: One more program released in 2009! On-screen virtual keyboard.

Front end GUI to the CLAMAV
Ed Durrant: I would like to nominate Remy Dodins front end GUI to the CLAMAV anti-virus program for OS/2. Remy AFAIK does not have a web site but his e-mail is ecs.remy at gmail dot com.

As we use a lot of ported command line applications, the addition of a GUI as Remy has created for the community for free, incorporating not only the ability to easily run the program but also adjust the configuration and view logs, makes CLAMAV into an application of the same class of user-friendliness as many commercial products.

Best eComStation Driver

Monitor for APC Back-UPS (USB)
// screenshot, Homepage
Yury Larin: new version with significant improvements was released in 2009

Uniaud audio driver
// Homepage
Christian Hennecke: After a long time of cleaning up the mess, Uniaud has made great progress.

// How to setup

eCUPS - Common Unix Printing System for eComStation.

Best eComStation Developer Tool

// Homepage
Wolfgang: wdsibyl

GCC 4.4.0
// Homepage; Released in 2009
Christian Hennecke: gcc 4.4.0, ported by Paul Smedley: Without this, crucial applications like the Mozilla suite of apps and OpenOffice.org would be possible and we would almost have no new applications at all.

Qt4 applications framework
// Homepage
Christian Hennecke: Qt4 applications framework, ported by Dmitry A. Kuminov: This enables OS/2 developers to port a wealth of existing applications and makes writing new ones much easier than with plain PM programming.

Best eComStation Game 

// Homepage; Whatsnew: 2009 update
Christian Hennecke: OpenTTD, ported by Paul Smedley: An open source clone of the strategy game "Transport Tycoon Deluxe."

// Homepage
Christian Hennecke: ScummVM, ported by Paul Smedley: Makes playing all those all time greatest adventures possible on eCS.

Qt4 Fun package
// Homepage 1, Homepage 2
Herwig Bauernfeind: I am nominating the Qt4 Fun package provided by Silvan Scherrer and Elbert Pol for the e-awards. Especially Blubbels provides countless hours of fun and is highly addictive.

Best eComStation tool for engineer/student

Best eComStation Scientific Computing Solution

// Homepage, screenshot
Eugene Gorbunoff: Such kind of solutions attract new engineers and students to eComStation.

// Read more, screenshot
A. Doff: It produces a list of stocks, which divides the stock market in segments, but without defining any segments as such. If I want to view it, I'm using an app called "Ranking" and I've also a tool to view the results.

// Homepage
Phillip E. Parker: ports of Python by Paul Smedley and others

Python is the basic ground language for many modern scientific applications, such as SAGE -- the free, open source, do-it-all package for mathematics that compares quite equitably with Mathematica, Maple, and other expensive proprietary packages.

Having Python available is a necessary prerequisite to ever getting any modern scientific packages, such as SAGE, ported to eCS-OS/2. And I, for one (the only one?), am willing to pay real money to get SAGE ported.

// Homepage, download
Phillip E. Parker: port of teTeX 3.0 by Sawataishi Jun

teTeX binaries and config files for OS/2 (release 4)

Best because it's the *ONLY* available complete TeX and LaTeX package for eCS-OS/2, and because *ALL* professional math, physics, et al. is prepared using (some variant of) LaTeX.
Without it, I'd be forced to move to linux.
It's not been updated in saveral years, but as a unique entity that shouldn't matter -- at least, it doesn't for serious professional work in math.

Best eComStation web-site

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ecomstationnews.com - news agency for news related to the OS/2 and eComStation operating systems.




This categories are frozen because not enough nominations:

Best eComStation Widget NeoWPS widgets
Best eComStation Student ProductNONE
Best Technical Article for eComStation Developers "What is dpi and how to design dialogs "
// Text: RUS, ENG google translation)
Eugene Gorbunoff: publication date: 2009/03, author: Dmitry Steklenev


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