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OS/2 is a greatly different operating system for PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
Applications, news, reviews, support of users, hardware, questions and answers.
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2011/12/31 From: Ian Jonston

Best eComStation web-site: http://www.os2notes.com

There seem to be a lot of sites with news post, but this site is the only one that has new original stuff about OS/2.

2011/12/31 From Alex Taylor:
  • Best eComStation utility: eCups (a.k.a. CUPS for OS/2 ported by Paul Smedley) http://svn.netlabs.org/ecups
  • Best eComStation developer tool: Watcom VX-REXX 2.1 (sadly no longer available)
  • Best eComStation application: qBittorrent (ported by Silvan Scherrer) http://svn.netlabs.org/qtapps/wiki/QT4%20Networking
  • Best eComStation tool for engineer/student: The GIMP (ported by Frank Giessler) http://users.socis.ca/~ataylo00/os2/utils/#gimp
2011/12/31 From: Herwig Bauernfeind

I'd like to nominate "Samba for eComStation" in the category "Best eComStation Application". The reason is, that the Samba for eComStation suite (both server and client) have been continuosly improved over the years, both featurewise and stabilitywise. Both server and clients provide superb speed, stability and compatibility and connectivity with other platforms meanwhile and are mission critical components for eCS to survive in the long run.

2011/12/21 SYSTEM Eugene Gorbunoff:

Language Switcher + LIP packs, are aimed to switch the user interface of eComStation to other language. Large group of translators is working on the project. Our goal - extend eComStation market to new regions.

2011/12/21 TEXT Eugene Gorbunoff:

Best tech.text:

Second life for important article: Virtual Memory Problems under OS/2 by Sjoerd Visser

  • original: July 2008 -- http://www.os2voice.org/VNL/past_issues/VNL0708H/feature_3.html
  • Russian: http://ru.ecomstation.ru/showarticle.php?id=234
2011/12/13 LIBRARY Silvan Scherrer:

i nominate Odin as the best ecs utility. as without Odin java would never have been reality. right now the process of switching Odin away from the old VAC compiler is going on. we expect to have a working Odin based on GCC fairly soon.

2011/10/21 DRIVER Eugene Gorbunoff:

Best driver

Touch screen support from Wim Brul

Why? Opens new perspectives for eComStation on tablet notebooks.

Home: http://home.hccnet.nl/w.m.brul/penguide/index.html

2011/10/21 APPLICATION Eugene Gorbunoff:

PM Backup Suite (AKA Varenye backup)

Best application

Whatsnew: New utilities: manager and schduler.

Screenshots: ..

2011 WPS Joseph Shrago

XObject -- WPS class -- I want attract attention to this useful WPS class. URL to review.

From: Craig Miller, 2010/09/25

  • Best eComStation Application: Openoffice - Needed to do all my day to day work, my most used program besides Firefox.
  • Best WorkPlace Shell Application: Hate to say it but it is still Object Desktop 2.0, still can't find anything better in a complete package
  • Best eComStation Utility: Injoy
  • Best eComStation Driver: The Uniaud drivers, removes my worries about sound.
  • Best eComStation Developer Tool: Open Watcom

From: Andre Doff, 2010/09/25

Best eCS application (no PM interface, in private use): Ranking It's about the best stock picking suite I know of, with a so-called hitratio of (far) over 90% (without any easy optimizations), remarkable ROIs and steady outperformances. An economic scientist, also working for a large fund managing company, called its results "unlikely". Originally developed using Rexx (also due to lack of programming knowledge) and not aimed at other users, with components ported to C now. It may work even better with other OS'es, due to an outdated Object Rexx interpreter, but I (i.e. the author) obviously use and prefer just eCS, so it only exists for eCS. I don't know anything that comes close to its reproducable, scientifically based results. The app itself isn't great, its underlying methods and its results are unique and impressive. AFAIK (which is pretty F) nothing comes close to this.
Best eCS Game (perhaps due to a lack of candidates): 1. Falling Stars (allstars21.zip @ Hobbes). No demanded major but instead a minor update in 2010, and there are a zillion other games better than this poor attempt to do a Commodore 16-remake from memory.
Game So #2 may be a better candidate, actually written in 2010: 2. mahlvls3.zip @ Hobbes, esp. the 3 new levels CROSS*.MAH (which are created in 2010, that's why). Reasons to possibly not "win" are: no nice icons matching the look and the quality of the original OS/2-eCS ones, it ain't "games" but are just basic levels, and all 3 levels aren't really designed nor looking as great as possible. A known mouse driver bug (mouse cursor isn't always displayed since some Warp 3 fixpack) basicly stopped me from writing a VIO-mode Rexx "Mahjongg Level Editor" with my Rexx Mouse function library.
Best Student Tool (?): PCX2PRN (pcx2prn12.zip @ Hobbes): not as good as possible, but me not being a true programmer explains that. A very simple utility, and perhaps it should be embedded in a popular graphical app, but I don't know of any other way to derive data from graphs. Typical FAQ: I found a graph with the price of Russian wheat, but where can I download this data? This app addresses that issue somehow, assuming the data isn't available for download or the data isn't free. The poor man's data collector. Reasons to not "win": supports only 1 file format, one often has to modify the graphical file first (i.e. you cannot point at the lightgreen line, which represents the data you're after).
Best eCS Website: Let me mention ecomstation.ru. There's quite some room for improvement, but it has developed into an unique archive. E.g. the hardware-area. A must-see before going to a local Widdows-oriented shop.



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