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OS/2 is a greatly different operating system for PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
Applications, news, reviews, support of users, hardware, questions and answers.
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Categories in 2011 / 2010:

The voting is planned for January 2012!! eComStation.RU site is collecting the nominations, The voting is provided by eComStation.COM site.

(Not added to the list yet: 16 applications)

Best eComStation Application

Klaus Konrad nominates:

  • A-01: Papyrus 0S/2 2008
  • Homepage, web-page 2
  • word-processor, spreadsheet, and relational database


Eugene Gorbunoff nominates:

  • A-02: PMMaps/2
  • Homepage
  • view maps from different sources with cache.


Craig Miller, Eugene Gorbunoff nominate:

  • A-03: Firefox 4 / Firefox 8
  • you can browse internet on slow computers again; print documents. generate pdf files. The latesr Firefox supports all standards, HTML5 Video Player.


Mikael Elf nominates:

  • A-04: FFMPEGCA is a fullfeatured frontend for ffmpeg
  • Homepage
  • FFMPEGCA is a long awaited PM tool (made in rexx, I think..) converting every audio and video-file to any other. Add to that also the possibility to rip DVD:s. Make conversions and ripping possible also for end-users! You can not only convert but also make some edit and easily make subtitles.

eCo Software nominates:

  • A-05: DVD/CD Toys
  • Homepage
  • What's new: Audio-CD support, Estimated time

Silvan Scherrer nominates:

  • A-06: Lucide
  • Homepage
  • What's new: a lot was fixed this year. and finally lucide is what it should have been since long.

Silvan Scherrer nominates:

  • A-07: djview4
  • Homepage
  • What's new: new application. the best djvu file viewer qt based.
Best WorkPlace Shell Application / desktop extender eCo Software nominates:
  • W-01: Animated mouse pointers
  • Homepage
  • The program was created in the end of 90-th. And updated in 2010 for compatibility with SMP computers.

Eugene Gorbunoff nominates:

  • New W-02: File Open Container
  • Homepage
  • New! It makes all eComStation / OS/2 Warp applications stronger and comfortable to use.
Best eComStation Utility eCo Software nominates:
  • U-01: eCo Market
  • Homepage
  • New program! The catalogue opens the door to the world of eComStation for new users.

Silivan Scherrer nominates:

  • U-02: rpm/yum installer
  • Homepage
  • Whatsnew: New program!
Best eComStation Driver

Eugene Gorbunoff:

  • D-01: Base USB drivers development
  • Debugging, compatibility with ACPI, etc. Large group of developers & consultants.

Yury Larin nominates

  • D-02: Monitor for APC Back-UPS (USB)
  • Homepage
  • Whatsnew: Internal structure was rewritten, New documentation, New setup utility.


eCo Software nominates:

  • D-03: NVETH - driver for NVidia Ethernet adapters
  • Nick, Steven Levine
  • download
  • Whatsnew: no information


eCo Software nominates:

  • D-04: xsmouse -- Emulate Mouse Driver
  • Homepage (Wim Brul, Holland)
  • download
  • Whatsnew: New driver! Provides a device driver to send absolute mouse events into the OS/2 system. It has been specifically designed to ease the development and integration of touch screen solutions into the OS/2 system.
Best eComStation Developer Tool Peter Flass nominates:
  • P-01: Iron Spring PL/I compiler for OS/2 and Linux
  • Homepage
  • Why? (I'm not completely unbiased here)

    It's the first PL/I compiler for OS/2 since IBM abandoned the platform. It's aiming to be a compiler for full PL/I with mainframe compatibility. It's cross-platform, developed first for OS/2.

Wolfgang Draxler nominates:
  • P-02: wdsibyl
  • Homepage
  • why is it best: It has the best IDE in the OS/2-world. e.g. you can generate forms, controls, ... You can write a program in few time.
  • Whatsnew: no information

Silvan Scherrer nominates:

  • P-03: Qt4
  • Homepage
  • Thanks to qt4 we got a really amazing number of qt based apps.

Silvan Scherrer nominates:

  • P-04: Java 6
  • Homepage
  • Whatsnew: the 1-st alpha version
Best eComStation Game  Craig Miller:
  • G-01: Galactic Civilizations
  • Homepage
  • from Stardock, 199x
Best eComStation tool for engineer/student

Best eComStation Scientific Computing Solution

Mikael Elf nominates:
  • F-01: FFMPEGCA
  • Homepage
  • FFPPEGCA is also a great tool for MSc, PhD-students or PhD:s working with qualitative video analysis. FFMPEGCA has the feature to code as many parts as you wish of a video and also add comments. You can use it for content analysis of videos. On an already coded video you can replay any part you wish. If you are going to show your video-data on a data- session you can easily provide participants with a translation via subtitles.

Best eComStation web-site Craig Miller nominates:
Best eComStation Automation program no nominations
Best eComStation Widget no nominations
Best eComStation Student Product no nominations
Best Technical Article for eComStation Developers eCo Software nominates:
best_campaign eCo Software nominates:
  • C-01: WarpIn Total - global re-packing applications to .wpi format
  • C-02: 2011, May -- Warpstock Europe 2011 promo banners (example of banners)
  • C-03: "Week of motherboards / video adapters" - campaign aimed to collect reports about tested hardware. Whatsnew: major part of reports are posted by users now. In the past the scoutes were collecting the info in the Internet.

Post your nominations via web-form (Send the name of program, category, homepage, why is it best?)



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