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=== Rules === * Large apps - 1 line + comment * N small apps - write in 1 line.

My thanks to those who made suggestions a couple of weeks ago about photo editors for eComStation. I am running on eComStation 2.0rc4. For this comparison my 'test' was to spray out the white spot of camera red-eye on my 18 year old American Cocker's eyes. I have downloaded, installed, and looked at: PhotoTiger, PhotoQueen, JPhotoBrush, Pixel, Embellish, Impos/2 _ PhotoQueen (aka QueenCy)_ I had some trouble with the stability of this program. It sometimes crashed on me. But I was able to select a colour for the spary tool . You can adjust the spray texture (pressure) and size. _ PhotoTiger_ PhotoTiger ran stable and looks and feels like a paint program. I could get puppies eyes fixed OK. Registration is $30.00US _ JPhotoBrush_ Java based this ran well on eComStation. It can handle large pics. You can set the texture, color and spray size. $25.00 _Embellish _ I couldn't bet Embellish to run until I copied the EPFIPII.DLL into C:\os2\DLL\ Then the install program ran fine and Embellish worked. They have a 'smudge' tool that worked nicely to darken the eyes but I found choosing the colour a try by trial effort. I liked the effect . Some of the other programs have much easier colour choosing interfaces. Embellish has some funky special effects filters that for example make your ordinary picture look like it was taken with a fisheye lense. Might interest some people _IMPOS2_ IMPOS2 presented a simple interface. It featured a scan option and picture crop. If you've got PMView3000 skip this one. _

Conclusion: All these programs do work on eComStation and present different choices to the user. You should download them and test for yourself. You will find one that suits your workstyle. For me I will be purchasing Pixel for my use. My thanks for your suggestions. I hope this reply is of some interest. Just remember ... it's all in the eyes of the mouse holder. EDGAR

=== Unsorted 2 === http://www.ecomstation.it/ecsoft2/index.php?language=en

--------- 1) a) I use Embellish - http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/pub/os2/apps/graphics/embos2.zip Abandoned, they released it as freeware. There is an old article on it in VOICE http://www.os2voice.org/VNL/past_issues/VNL1004H/vnewsf2.htm and an even older one by me http://www.os2voice.org/VNL/past_issues/VNL1001H/vnewsf5.htm

b) Embellish is primarily a bitmap editor -- you create vector objects for paint effects and such in the working laywer, but the combined result is usually a bitmap. Although you can also save projects off for later. It also has good tools for creating basic GIF animations and client-side imagemaps.

2) There is also True Spectra PhotoGraphics Pro - http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/pub/os2/apps/graphics/imagepro/tspg202s.zip "The generic serial number that everyone is free to use is : TSPG20-000K-65WG8" Like Embellish it was abandoned a long time ago but works well if you can figure out the rather obtuse user paradigm.

3) There is also Pixel - http://www.kanzelsberger.com/pixel/?page_id=4# Newer and cross-platform but it appears to be in a less complete state than Embellish, or TSPG, at least the eCS version which is the only one I have tried. Shareware, but in perpetual beta and the eCS version hasn't been updated in a long, long time. 4) There is ImageEditor also. See http://www.os2world.com/content/view/16773/2/ 5) I forgot about PhotoTiger. Its on hobbes - http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/pub/os2/apps/graphics/imagepro/photo251.zip I've never tried it but there is an article on it at http://www.macarlo.com/phototiger2312312.htm

6) I also forgot QueenCy which is about the only one that is still updated. http://www.1drop.net/qc/QC029c.zip last updated in January.

7) There is also the Java program JPhotoBrush Pro - http://www.jphotobrushpro.com/ which lists eComStation install directions.

8) I also use NeoPaint for DOS in a VDM -- it has a very nice GUI: http://www.neosoftware.com/np.html

=== Unsorted 3 === 0) http://froloff.homeip.net/utils/unrar32.zip That works for 2>Gb

=== Unsorted 4 === 3) I recommend Mesa2 as the best spreadsheet for OS/2. but with Randall Flint's death Sundial Systems is no longer active. I think you can get if from Mensys. Sundial's suite of programs were all very good quality.

5) Pronews/2 1.59 build cp120 -- http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/pub/os2/apps/internet/news/reader/pn2v159.zip Support mailing list: none Internet NNTP News Reader and binary decoder with support for yEnc. Shareware but all proceeds are donated to The Save the Children fund. 6) Photo Editor: * RAW Photo Import/Converter for Digicam PMRaw: Very nice graphical user interface for Dave Coffin\'s dcraw for import/covert RAWs from Digicams. http://os2.zworks.de/PMRaw 8) please add this url to news section: http://wisdomtree.info largest os/2 url database over 1200 links divided into Apps Info & Programming Java

=== Unsorted 5 ===

* linux: LUFS and FUSE * OS/2: NetDrive

* Text editos: Describe * Internet: PMDownloader

* /Multimedia\ * 3D: STL-view, ArtOfIllusion * Queency/2

* z to be added to the multimedia software list as an shoutcast audio downloader and mp3 player and saver http://dink.org/z/download.htm, get addons for in on hobbes

=== Unsorted 6 ===

GNU review -- * http://ecomstation.ru/showarticle.php?id=156 * http://ru.ecomstation.ru/showarticle.php?id=155

Piano review -- ** http://ecomstation.ru/showarticle.php?id=158 ** http://ru.ecomstation.ru/showarticle.php?id=159

* PMView * http://ru.ecomstation.ru/showarticle.php?id=145

* How to DVD ** http://ecomstation.ru/showarticle.php?id=124

* eCSCoNet ** http://ecomstation.ru/showarticle.php?id=120

'''Links''' http://www.ecomstation.it/ecsoft2/index.php?language=en

'''Rules:''' * eCo Software may refuse to publish a program/link.

=== Unsorted 7 === Списки здесь: * * осталось 100% -- [[Список соответствий софта, новые необработанные данные]] * осталось 100% -- [[ECSFAQ: Список соответствий софта]]

/Rules\ Restrictions and priorities * Shareware/commercial applications have high priority * Native software has higher priority

How to submit additional records to this table? * Send data via web-form -- http:// ** Please, mention section, application name, homepage URL ** mention URL of the latest overview (review) of the eComStation application * Your report is placed to queue and will be published after confirmation of the next user

=== Unsorted 8 ===

Please, visit this software catalogs: * APeCS -- http://ecomstation.ru/apecs.php * SoftWhere!? (OS2.Org) -- http://en.os2.org/software/softwhere/ * eCSOft/2 -- http://www.ecomstation.it/ecsoft2/index.php?language=en All shareware and freeware is collected in software archives. * The biggest and most famous is Hobbes -- http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/

/Check out \ * Student -- * Development tools -- * Office -> Solutions -- http://ecomstation.ru/solutions * SysUtil -> Widgets -- http://www.os2usr.org/xcenter/

/Internet\ Openchat -- http://ecomstation.ru/download/openchat-20070217.zip

Wiki * http://www.wikimatrix.org/ Go to http://www.wikimatrix.org/ and run through their wizard. There are plenty of available wikis which run on perl, php, java, javascript, and other languages which are supported by OS/2. * CuteWiki -- http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/pub/os2/apps/internet/www/server/cutewiki-060314-os2.zip

Internet, FTP client * NTFP.. ncFTP, NetDrive

* AOMT пакет серверов http://svn.netlabs.org/ampos2/timeline http://www.ampos2.de/

=== Unsorted 9 ===

/SysUtil\ * Audio CD Creator review -- http://www.os2world.com/content/view/14542/2/

/ WPS \ * http://ru.ecomstation.ru/projects/wps/?action=apps

This applications are not sorted

* ICQ ** Mr. Message -- http://mamodeo.dyndns.org/MrMessage

------------- * torrent-клиент ** Коммандлайновый ctorrent - ftp://weird.da.ru/eros2/ctorrent134-dnh11.zip ** Официальный питоновый тоже работает -- http://os2.in.ru/software/internet/bittorrent/index.html -------------

Name: Thilo Straub following comments:

graphics editor: windows Paint Shop Pro, Photo Impact, Picture Publisher, Gimp OS/2 gimp image viewers: windows: Irfanview, XNview, MS-Paint OS/2: PMView Pro, too. files downloading: windows: Getright, Internet Download Manager and more Video Players: WinDVD, PowerDVD and so on

------------- Name: Mike Snyder Networking, FTP, emtec FTP, http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/cgi-bin/h-search?sh=1&button=Search&key=emtec&stype=all&sort=type&dir=%2F File Manager, Total Manager, FM/2, http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/cgi-bin/h-search?key=FM%2F2&pushbutton=Search ----------- Name: Frank Kalf Instant Mess. MSN : Mercury (dMSN) http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/pub/os2/apps/internet/chat/dMSN_1706f1.wpi

------------- * Voice IP: * * В OS/2 юзать java-решение - http://www.switchboard.ca/ -------------

* Address book * ?? * eCS (WPPerson) --------------- * * * NetDrive ** O-eng: http://www.os2ezine.com/20010916/page_3.html ** O-rus: http://ecomstation.ru/showarticle.php?id=22 ----------------

* Record sound from LineIn * Win: * "PlayRec" -- http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/pub/os2/apps/mmedia/sound/editors/playrec016.zip ** "DTape" -- http://home.clara.net/orac/os2.htm ** "Normalize"...a textmode program to adjust the volume of several wav or mp3 files to the same level -- http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/pub/os2/apps/mmedia/sound/convert/normalize-0.7.6.zip * "LBMix": Pretty much the standard mixer for OS/2. For info: http://users.podolsk.ru/boga/OS2Programs.html#LBMix http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/pub/os2/apps/mmedia/util/mixers/lbmix008.zip

---------------- * Voice over IP * Win? * About VOICE over IP sollution. There is Warpvision that has USB webcam support. There is also an MSN client called Mercury, it works via Java and on Linux (via a Java library) Mercury can access the USB webcam. I know its on the list of somebody to look at this. I don't know if Mercury supports speech transmission. I do know that mercury without the webcam support can already on OS/2 show MSN webcam streams (so thats one way traffic.).

------------- XX? XX? NetDrive ----------------

pptp ?? ?? -------------- * LAN tools * ?? * LAN Tools ------------------

Category: Archive Manager windows program = WinZip ecs program = ZipControl http://www.rpfsoftware.com/ ------------------ Name: maurice gueron file manager ZTBOLD Win equivalent ZTWin url: www.ztree.com -------------------------

Name: Dieter Eckhardt There is an excellent 2D CAD software available as freeware. Works great with all OS/2 (from V.3) and eCS versions. See http://www.cadwaresoft.com/eng/html/free_products.html --------------------

Name: ehtron for Jabber (ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, AIM, GaduGadu, IrC) Jeti/2 www.ehlertronic.de/jeti2.htm btw. we need east european Translators ... --------------

Name: Joerg Falkenstein section: office software / office suite: MS Office -> papyrus office http://www.papyrus.de section: file tools / cd-dvd recording Audio/Data CD Creator www.netlabs.org (too old to mention?) ----------

* Музыка: MP3, OGG, WAV можно играть без плейеров * Протоколы ppoe, pptp: http://ru.ecomstation.ru/showarticle.php?id=120 * Запись дисков: можно встроить запись CD/DVD в рабочий стол: http://www.os2world.com/cdwriting/creator/creatormain.htm * aol - есть java-клиенты. * Редакторы -- Win?? -- Papyrus


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