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OS/2 is a greatly different operating system for PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
Applications, news, reviews, support of users, hardware, questions and answers.
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Use eCo Market to install this applications:

eCo Market homepage

eCenter widgets

POP3 widget check e-mail
Weather widget shows weather
NeoWPS widgets Beer battery, Master Name, Reactor Temperature, Firewall Monitor widgets
System tray widget System tray plugin; PM Downloader, VNC Server, CoolFM, Keyboard Layer/2


DosNavigator/2 File shell (AKA Dos Navigator/2)
File Commander File shell
Phoenix/2 undelete for FAT and HPFS
EABrowse Extended attributes (EA) viewer and editor
NetDrive universal filesystem
NetDrive universal filesystem
DFSee Disk and filesystem utility. Analysis, maintenance and recovery
SearchPlus Fast file finder + AND OR and NOT string operations
JRescuer JUne undelete for JFS
All archivers (Part 1) Collection of archivers for eComStation
All archivers (Part 2) Collection of archivers for eComStation
FM/2 PM File Manager
GFC Graphical File Compare
File splitter and joiner Splits and joins files larger than 2 GBs using high memory objects when available.
SigmaMD5 PM MD5 checksum gen/check of upto 1Million files
DVD/CD Toys Set of user-friendly GUI tools to burn CD/DVD/HD DVD and BD disks.
cdrtools Set of command-line CD/DVD/HD DVD and BD disks writing tools ported from unix.
cdrtools Set of command-line CD/DVD/HD DVD and BD disks writing tools ported from unix.
dvddao CD/DVD/HD DVD and BD writing command-line tool.
dSync Disk/Dirs/Files mirroring tool
Rsync utility that provides fast incremental file transfer
EasySync PM Syncronisation and backup utility with Netdrive support
Varenye backup Varenye backup Pro is a backup utility. (The program uses famous BackEmUp as back-end) It's easy to select directories for backup, easy to monitor the process.
BackEmUp Simple, multi OS, incremental file backup program


PM123 GUI Audio player
Qu/2 GUI Audio player
MP3 I/O Proc MP3 support (MMIOProc) for eComStation Multimedia PM
mmioAMR Adaptive Multi-Rate audio codec (optimized for speech coding). File format: *.amr
mmioCast Internet radio integrated to WPS (doesn't require mp3 io proc)
The Warped Wave Editor Audio editor
DTape record and replay digital audio directly to/from disk
CoolFM Listen to FM radio (USB device)
Tonigy Audio/Video/Data CD IFS for OS/2 that maps tracks of Audio CD into WAV or RAW files, tracks of Video CD into MPG files and tracks of Data CD into ISO files. Use it for accessing audio, video and data tracks like ordinary files. Also Tonigy allows to access files of CD-I disks and the boot image of ISO tracks
mmioAPE Monkey's Audio is a fast and easy way to compress digital music. It's lossless. File format: *.ape


Cameraderie A GUI downloader/organizer for PTP and MSD digital cameras
dcraw Digital camera RAW file conversion
PMRaw graphical user interface for dcraw
STLView View 3D objects stored in STL format
PMView Pro the Versatile, Fast Image Viewer and Converter
Embellish graphics editor
Queency painting program (editor) with support of layering
BlueCAD The powerful, easy and economical solution for two-dimensional CAD
FrImage System Image Viewer


EmperoarTV program to control TV tuners (PVR, DVB)
T&V HappyPlayer program to control TV tuners (Brooktree 848/878)
K Movie Player Play various media files, based on FFplay
MPlayer MPlayer can play most standard video formats out of the box and almost all others with the help of external codecs.
VLC player multimedia framework, player and server
Flash player (INFO) allows you to view internet multimedia web sites based on the Flash standard.
AVxCAT Very friendly Audio/Video eXtented Conversion and Authoring Tool interface


VNC viewer remote control of other PC
General network utilities powerful Internet diagnostic tool kit
Web/2 small web server
cadaver command-line WebDAV client
PMDownloader interactive multithreaded network retriever
PMAct Torrent client with Graphical front-end
OpenChat/2 IRC client
PSI/2 Supports XMPP protocol, allows chat via ICQ, etc
SIM Instant Messenger powerful plugin-based multiprotocol instant messenger (ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, Jabber IM)
PMMail/2 Email client supporting multiple accounts
NDPDAV WebDAV plugin for NetDrive
ProNews/2 Multithreaded newsreader
NFTP Text-mode ftp client
Communigate Pro Internet Messaging server application
OpenSSH OpenSSH encrypts all traffic (including passwords) to effectively eliminate eavesdropping, connection hijacking, and other attacks.
ndpsftp SSH File Transfer Protocol plugin
Firefox 4 Web-browser (modern and fast)
qBittorrent Free and reliable P2P Bittorent client

System Utilities

WarpIn installer of applications
INI Tools INI editor with tools to compare and search INI files
CPU Monitor graphical display of current cpu usage
Keyboard Layer/2 alternative keyboard layers and keyboard layouts switcher
InstPDR Printer driver import utility
PrnDrv Printer Driver Installer/Deinstaller
ClipView Clipboard Utilities
CRON/2 UN*X-like cron (Client/server-based timed program execution)
UClip Unicode clipboard for Mozilla and OpenOffice
Character map Character map with copy to clipboard, selectable Font and Codepage
USB Dock View USB devices plugged into your PC
USB cfg USBcfg (USB configuration tool)
SysInfo/2 collects system information, benchmarks
PCI Dock view PCI adapters and devices of your PC


Microsoft fonts Microsoft fonts pack
Google Droid fonts Google Droid fonts
Liberation fonts Fonts for Java 6
Workplace Sans Font for Mozilla, OpenOffice, Qt4
DejaVu fonts Nice fonts for web-browser
Ubuntu Font Family Popular fonts
Myriad Web Pro Font for presentations
Cardo Unicode font specifically designed for the needs of classicists, Biblical scholars, medievalists, and linguists.


JFS.IFS (info) driver for JFS filesystem (bootable, fast)
ACPI (info) ACPI sub-system
danis506 (info) driver for PATA/SATA controllers
Panorama VESA (info) Universal video driver
Panorama widescreen activator activate widescreen modes on video adapters with ATOM BIOS and Intel GMA video adapters
WarpOverlay! video-overlay, allows watch fullscreen
Monitor for APC Back-UPS (USB) Supported: APC Back-UPS CS, Back-UPS ES and Back-UPS RS
SIO Communication serial port drivers and utilities
Panorama VESA Universal video driver + reg.key


About eComStation About eComStation dialog + databases
ACPI Setup Setup Power parameters
FOC (info) new dialog to select files and directories
eCo Market Catalogue of popular applications and utilities
AiR-BOOT The ultimative boot-loader
OS/2 Kernel IBM OS/2 Kernel Build Level 14.104a_SMP


AMPTR Animated mouse pointers
Sunny icons Large transparent icons
Piano Launchpad Launchpad to start favorite applications
SysBar/2 Utilities: Task Switcher, Pipe Monitor, Clock, CD player
Association editor allows you to inspect or modify associations set for file- and typefilters. You can add new associations, remove old ones and change defaults associations. Also, you can add new filetypes.
Wally wallpaper changer wallpaper changer, using multiple sources like files, folders, FTP remote folders, Flickr, ..
DragText adds features other programs never thought of: drag and drop text in standard windows, access to WPS objects from every program, and OverDrag
Virtual keyboard/2 virtual keyboard on the screen
Lens magnify an area of the screen (fatbits)
WarpNote Yellow stickers for the desktop


CalcMi Shows result of calculation in real-time
Mesa spreadsheet that gives you everything you expect... and more


Solver Function analyzer, draws 2D graphics (+source code)
Night Vision Astronomy program
PMViewMol 3D simple molecular viewer
QPeriodicTable A periodic table written in qt4. Inspired by the great kde app Kalzium
WarpCalc Scientific calculators (allow define own variables and functions)
PMMaps Viewer of maps. Different sources, cache


MED Text editor
Lucide document viewer (pdf, djvu)
Lucide document viewer (pdf, djvu)
Scribus Professional page layout
Acrobat Reader Viewer of *.pdf files
Lotus Mobile Screen Show Player Player of Lotus Freelance .PRZ files
Papyrus office Text editor
DC Pack tools for text handling: the cyrillic code page autodetection and the recovery of the russian texts
OpenOffice.org Open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more
QGoogletranslate This application translates text via Google Translate engine
Fast Editor Lite (FED) VIO mode programmers editor. It's fast, small in size and flexible.


GCC 4.4.2 runtime library Runtime for applications ported from Linux
Innotek's GCC runtime library (libc) Runtime for applications ported from Linux
eCo Software runtime (base) Base runtime
eCo Software runtime (Win) Win runtime
eCo Software runtime (net) Net runtime
eCo Software runtime (WPS) WPS runtime
Qt4 runtime Qt4 Runtime Libraries and Plugins
OpenGL Gold Full OpenGL 1.1 support and some 1.2 support
SDL library Graphics library


MicroLearn GamePack Vol. II Games for small children
Chess Game for two players
Klondike Solitaire card game for one player using a single deck of regular playing cards
Mahjongg Solitaire Game for one player
Sunny pills A puzzle game. Swap adjacent pills to make sets of 3, 4 or 5.
Mars! This is the only way to join salvation of your planet from Mars invaders
Tie Revenge Frightful game for small children and real alien-hunters
Stellar Frontier One of the longest running massively multiplayer spaceship shooter games still running today.
Reversi Popular game
Neko the mouse-cursor-chasing cat


Commodore 64 emulator Emulator of popular Commodore 64 computer
VirtualBox virtual machine


Sysbench Benchmarking tool. Includes PM Grpahics, DIVE, CPU Integer and floating point, Disk and File I/O, memory, and CD ROM benchmarks.
Benchmarks A suite of simple benchmarks


ZOC Terminal Client Emulation
comTerm Small COM-port terminal utility
InJoy Dialer It's the market's most complete dial-up networking solution, providing all the features required for secure WAN routing.
PMFax Pro Easy to use FAX application. Supports Class 1 or Class 2.0 fax command set

System components

eSchemes Change system colors, icons and buttons.

Development tools

Subversion Revision control system (SVN)
CHKDLL32 checks that all DLLs used by an EXE or DLL can be loaded
DevCon toolkit Libraries for developer of eComStation 2.0: Libraries, samples, documentation
ACPI toolkit Libraries for developer of eComStation 2.0: Libraries, samples, documentation
OS/2 DDK Device driver kit. Toolkit for developers of drivers.
OS/2 Toolkit Toolkit for development of applications and utilities
WDSibyl Pascal-Compiler which works with a 'Delphi'-like programming language.
OpenWatcom C compilers and tools
REXX tips and tricks Useful information, sample scripts and suggestions
GpfRexx GPF Rexx Visual GUI programming toolkit


Security/2 Multiuser support for OS/2. Enables simultaneous work of several remote and local users on single OS/2 system with access and process control.
NDCrypt plugin for NetDrive Transparent data encryption/decryption
InJoy Firewall Flexible firewall security solution for businesses of any size.


DrWeb antivirus scanner (console version)


For dummies

Database of OS/2 compatible hardware


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