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OS/2 is a greatly different operating system for PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
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FileOpenContainer for eComStation 

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Frequently asked questions and answers about File Open Container

Q0: How to activate new FOC?
eComStation 2.1, Execute command: focdlg /I
Q1: Are you sure that we need FOC in eComStation? The users should browse disk via WPS
Yes, we need FOC. Many programs need pick up function. FOC is very important.
Q2: Why do you spend time to FOC? Looks like Windoze. .. wasting good programmers on making things look fancy, when the basics are in need of work.
  • New applications: FOC is the key for development of new applications. Dosenz, hundreds of new applications.
  • New users: New users need powerful FOC, they can't use old ugly FOD.
  • New libraries: FOC made us develop several new libraries.

Q3: Что будет сделано в FOC, а что не будет?
  • UI: PNG картинки: a) будут ли заменены все картинки на PNG?
  • Preview: a) END, дальше плагины делают другие люди
  • Alias: Будут ли alias'ы? будут ли 'My photos'?
  • Search: Будет ли поиск данных? Ответ: надо отдать эту функцию другим утилитам.
  • Browser: будет ли кнопка Back/Forward/Home? Ответ: FOC только для короткого быстрого забирания файла, а не для того, чтобы бродить.

Q4: I don't like the idea of preview
You can switch the preview window off using the button on toolbar.
Q5: Why new FOC has so many compatibility problems with popular applications?
The developers call FileOpenDialog with mistakes, move window controls and make many other mistakes. That's why we spend time to make new FOC work with buggy apps.
Q6: (Developer) How to substitute popup menu of FOC?
See DTN_CONTEXTMENU and FVM_CONTEXTMENU notification codes.
Q7: What hotkeys are supported?
All standard hotkeys are supported in FOC:
  • F5 - Refresh
  • Edit finename in container - keep Left Alt pressed + click the icon with left mouse button
  • Shift-F9 - Rename
  • Shift-F10 - Display context menu (you can change the combination via System Setup -> Keyboard -> Mappings)
  • Ctrl-Z - undo file name (not implemented)

Q8: FOC doesn't preview huge pictures
Setting limits the maximum size of the image file which is valid for preview.

By default a thumbnail image created only for image files smaller than 10MB. This size (in megabytes) can be redefined via ULONG value of the MaxPreviewImgFileSize key of the PM_ControlPanel section of the user profile (OS2.INI).

Q9: How to adjust preview of text documents?
Setting scale of the preview of text documents.

By default a whole first page of the text document is reflected to the thumbnail image. This behaviour can be redefined via ULONG value of the PreviewTxtScale key of the PM_ControlPanel section of the user profile (OS2.INI). The valid range of the PreviewTxtScale is from 1 to 100 percent.

Q10: How to adjust icon view?
Setting layout of the icon view of the file dialog. By default a icon view of the file dialog uses multiple columns layout. This layout can be changed via ULONG value of the FileDlgIconView key of the PM_FOC section of the user profile (OS2.INI):
  • 0 The file view items are represented as icon/text pairs, with text beneath the icons.
  • 1 The file view items are placed in a single column until the bottom of the client area is reached. The next file view item is placed in the adjacent column to the right of the filled column. This process is repeated until all of the file view items are positioned in the file view. The width of each column is determined by the longest file name in that column. The size of the window determines the depth of the client area.



  • В превью FOC не показываются *.jpeg файлы? -- Проверь, есть ли в USER_PROFILE, ключ PMWP_PREVIEW_FILTER значение "FOCPJPG.DLL" для маски "*.JPEG".
  • Q: Enable / disable FOC -- to switch to the default OS/2 File Open Dialog, go to the \sys\INSTALL\FOC directory and run: filedlgtofocdlg.cmd /U then shutdown and reboot. To switch back, use the same command, but with the /I parameter. I should have documented this in the ArcaOS readme in section 7.5.5. I'll see to that. thx Arca Noae,2020/02


Q1: Если открыть FOC из Firefox/Mozilla, то разные проблемы
Да, есть несколько проблем, зависят от Firefox.
Q2: Zippy doesn't start
If Zippy doesn't start then check POPUPLOG.OS2, look what dll crashes? Update eCo Software runtime, select Overwrite All, Unlock All during installation.


  • Q: Can you accelerate FOC? (2013/01)
    We have checked current state. We are using the most optimal method to build directories tree. (we are comparing with different versions of Windows OS)
  • Q: (trouble) Performace, FOC is busy finding drives and doesn't build the path tree.
    A: What filesystems do you use? Don't use experimental NetDrive plugins, etc. What ethernet driver do you use? Is it latest version of driver?
  • Q: Is it possible define list of exclusions?
    A: No, there is no possibility to define such list. (list aimed to disable FOC for old non-compatible apps)
  • What are the advantages of new FOC?
    • The users need preview of pictures, preview of documents (pdf, txt, doc)
    • the users want see full tree of directories.
    • It's difficult for non-computer users select files, create sub-directories, change directories. Old FOD is not ready for non-computer users. New FOC allows create sub-directories, shows full tree of drives and directories.
    • Large monitors: old FOD is small, can't be resized. New FOC may be resized
    • New FOC has sorting, different view modes support, d'n'd support


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Report: OS/2 compatible hardware


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