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OS/2 Arrows: 6.1 Green corridor for small Solutions

To extend OS/2 market and add 1 user, it's necessary sell 1 PC with OS/2 pre-installed. Seems that this new user will use this computer to make money (to use this computer as machine designed to fulfill 1 task ((aimed to earn money)).

Current situation: there are no conditions to develop new solutions, because for companies it's cheaper to buy Solutions based on Windows:

Windows PC:

  • 1) cost of Windows license = 0 USD, (The PC was purchased with Windows pre-installed)
  • 2) cost of application (point of sale, CMMS system, warehouse application) = N USD (example: 100 USD)

OS/2 PC:

  • 1) cost of OS/2 license = 300 USD
  • 2) cost of application, = N USD ($100)
  • 3) expenses to setup OS/2 = X USD (example: $50)

As result, there are no conditions to sell cheap (not expensive) Solutions based on OS/2.

If the cost of Solution is high (for example, $10 000) then the cost of OS license is not so significant and OS/2 Solution can compete by the cost. But we don't have companies which can create this advanced/expensive Solutions. (example, training machine to control Space ship).

How to resolve the problem? What is the direction of "OS/2 arrow"?

  • 0) The cost of Commercial license should be lower than Home/Personal license. (For example, when you buy 2 apples in a shop, you pay 1.0 usd per apple. If you want buy 1000 apples then the shop gives you a discount, and you pay 0.9 usd per apple)
  • 1a) Several companies should sell PC computers with OS/2 pre-installed.
  • 1b) OS/2 distributor should reduce the cost of OS/2 license for this companies. (ideal price: $20 ((equal to Windows cost)), more realistic: 30% discount). So the cost of OS/2 license is reduced.
  • 2a) The distributor (OS developer) should support (donate) the developer of Ready for Use Solutions so the developer can reduce the cost of software.
  • 2b) The distributor must promote the Solution at own homepage.
  • 3) The distributor should make expenses to support the customer.

What will change if implement this suggestions?

  • The companies are interested to buy more OS/2 licenses to reduce expenses.
  • New solution may be developed => The sellings of OS/2 will grow.

What happens if keep the situation as is? (use old model of sellings)

  • No new solutions => The sellings of OS/2 go down (because the sellings to companies which purchased OS/2 solutions in 90-th and 200x go down) => No resources to develop the system.

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