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OS/2 Engine

Правила и законы по которым должна выполняться разработка OS/2.

Операционные системы
ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp
eComStation myths 



STEP 1 отключено buynow STEP 2 general

Общие тезисы

Всю OS/2 - обьединить в один узел


раз os/2 слабая, то все программы должны собираться в 1 точке. в 1 сайте. по-сути, hobbes такую роль играет

вообще, все программы должны быть на DVD с ОС

все программы должны быть в 1 каталоге.

все сайты os/2 должны быть обьединены в 1 цепочку. 1 единый каталог или кольцо.



OS2-M1104: OS/2 Banners exchange [ENG]

5.1. Banners exchange

OS/2 websites should exchange banners, links. One site should point to other OS/2 sites. Software catalogues, News sites, companies should be included to banner networks.

Past: Experience in the past: OS/2 Ring in 90-th. The users really were walking by several sites.


  • It's so difficult to attract guests to OS/2 world. If new user comes to an OS/2 site then we should show him links to other sites. Large websites should support smaller websites and pages of standalone developers.


  • The links to other sites should be placed on some pages of the site, not all pages. Online shops, press-release pages, etc can be free of banners.
  • The owner of site should have a choice and select from several banners networks.

Efforts: eCo Ring banners network: ecoring

How to verify if OS/2 is growing?

  • If large OS/2 sites link one each other then OS/2 is moving.
  • If no banners then the owners don't work for OS/2 market.





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