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OS/2 is a greatly different operating system for PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
Applications, news, reviews, support of users, hardware, questions and answers.
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AiR-BOOT :: Applications :: Physical Device Drivers :: Virtual Device Drivers :: DOS Games Compatibility
Information :: Screenshots :: History

AiR-BOOT - The ultimate Boot-Loader

2009: http://air-boot.sourceforge.net

A boot-loader is some sort of program, that is loaded just prior an OS (like OS/2, DOS, Windoze, etc.) by the BIOS (the thing that is loaded right when you turn on your computer). Standard boot-loaders just load one OS from one partition without letting you choose the OS, you want to get booted.

AiR-BOOT is a highly customizable boot-loader with colored menu, built in Setup and some other features that no other boot-loaders offer today.

Current version of AiR-BOOT is Official Release 1.04.

The features:
- Colored Boot-Menu
- Completly integrated, Award-styled, menu-driven SETUP including real help to every option
- Foreign versions including German, Dutch, French, Italian and Russian - Very easy Installation/Repair via disc or CD-ROM
- Localized to English/Dutch/German/French
- Boot-Process completly configurable
- Configurable Password protection
- 100% in MBR (does not need any real space on harddisc)
- "Corrupt-MBR"-Protection (is able to restore MBR, if it gets corrupted)
- Intelligent Partition Handling. will not reset or act abnormal, if partitions are moved, changed, etc.
- Hiding partitions support
- Floppy-Boot
- Finds (Stealth-)MBR and Bootrecord-Virii (and is able to remove most of them)
- Repair-Mode, AiR-BOOT disc/CD-ROM is able to repair AiR-BOOT without resetting the configuration
- MBR-Protection under Real-Mode
- OS/2 LVM-aware
- OS/2/eCS Logical Booting
- Linux Kernel Support (from FAT16-partition)
- Includes Linux Boot-Commandline and automagically, but configurable root-partition



English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Russian, Swedish


AiR-BOOT is (c) Copyright by Martin Kiewitz, 1998-2004.
AiR-BOOT/dutch was translated by Kris Steenhaut
AiR-BOOT/french was translated by Michel Goyette and Aymeric Peyret
AiR-BOOT/italian was translated by Stefano Gualtieri
AiR-BOOT/russian was translated by Denis Tazetdinov
AiR-BOOT/swedish was translated by Björn Söderström


The terms and conditions of usage:
- Any non-commercial private use is *FREE*
- You may only use this software, if you are NOT and were NEVER working for american (US) government at any time
- You may *NOT* distribute/use AiR-BOOT in *ANY* form,
   if you get money for the distributed product or the actual service.
- You may *NOT* use AiR-BOOT in any commercial environment

If you want to use AiR-BOOT in other environments (commercial), preinstall or distribute it, please contact me via e-mail: kiewitz@netlabs.org.
If you want to send me money, greetings or just a thank you, send an e-mail as well.

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