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OS/2 is a greatly different operating system for PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
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Reward for Perl porting

2006-05-05 13:26:51 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [ecomstation.ru, SVlad]

There is a need to port Perl because users found some troubles in current port after reading of article ASSP spam-filter (russian text). Problems become visible if using Perl for serious tasks.

SVlad offered a bounty: 35 USD. Contact e-mail: svl at nnp dot kis dot ru

eCo Labs offerrings

2006-02-06 03:03:57 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [ecomstation.ru]

eCo Labs offers new tasks for russian/ukranian developers.

  • Support of TV-tuners based on Philips SAA7134HL;
  • Support of FM-tuners embedded to Philips and Conexant TV-tuners;
  • Additional plugin for JUne unerase tool;

eCo Labs continues its work

2005-07-13 20:17:23 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [ecomstation.ru]

eCo Labs is an attempt to attract standalone developers to produce modern eComStation software. The specialists of eCo Software deal like consultants and designers, novice developers follow optimized way. Let's view what will be the result of such collaboration.

New eCo Labs offerings

2005-06-25 14:05:46 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [ecomstation.ru]

The eCo Labs project is intended to attract new developers to eComStation software development. "Young" developers are working together with the specialists of eCo Software and this gives maximum productivity.

Current offerings:

  • JUne extensions;
  • MP3 I/O Procedure will allow play/record MP3 in every application;
  • Reviews "Maintenance of eComStation by thirdparty staff", "WPPerson technology", "Security/2 technology" will demonstrate the power of eComStation.
  • Sync module between WPPerson and mobile phones.

New offerings of eCo Labs

2005-05-23 16:17:40 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [ecomstation.ru]

eCo Labs have executed 6 projects already.

We invite russian developers and users participate in new projects:

  • Overview: "New technology of eComStation TNG - Security/2"
  • PM-application to control computer hardware;

New offerings of eCo Labs

2005-05-04 16:59:39 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [ecomstation.ru]

eCo Labs have executed 6 projects already (PNG I/O procedure, JUne, support of Mediaforte RadioXTreme USB Radio, firewall ports setup for eComStation, Overview of OpenOffice.org 1.1.x, WPPerson WPS-class to keep data about friends on Desktop).

We invite russian developers and users participate in new projects:

  • Overview: "Industrial maintenance of eComStation"
  • Addon for JUne

More tasks from eCo Labs

2005-02-16 21:54:35 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [ecomstation.ru]

Current achievements of eCo Labs: two products was released, three projects in active stage of development.

  • New task: gPhoto/USB. All other USB-related tasks are updated (there is strong dependence on USBRESMG.SYS);
  • Netlabs invites experienced developers for participation in ACPI project;

Users can support development of this novice products too.

eCo Labs developers are living at #ecolabs irc-channel.

eCo Labs has new offerings

2005-02-07 16:41:35 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [eCo Software, news]

The developers of eCo Software don't find time for implementation of all ideas and programs because of high load. That's why we invite standalone developers join the realization of new technologies and applications.

After successful execution of demo projects, the list of offerings increased:

  • for PM-developer: PM front-end for system firewall;
  • for USB-developer: Support of USB web-cameras; Support of USB FM-tuner;
  • for WPS-developer: WPPerson WPS-class;
  • for writer: Innotek OpenOffice.org 1.x.x overview;

Users can support development of this novice products too.

eCo Labs developers are living at #ecolabs irc-channel.

Chicago Job Opportunities

2004-10-08 11:44:23 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [VOICENWS, Paul Watts]

I am a Senior Recruiter for Siemens and we are looking to hire 30 + OS/2 Server Engineers in the Lake Zurich location. As you can imagine, I am having a difficult time on the job boards locating individuals to talk with about this opportunity. I would like to invite you to take a look at the attached job description and ask that you please pass on to your OS/2 user group in hopes they might be interested or be able to refer someone else. I have posted the position on Careerbuilder and Monster for candidates to apply or the can just respond to this email. We are looking for individuals with all levels of experience and an OS/2 certification is not necessarily needed if the person has strong networking/administration experience in the industry and open to work with OS/2.

We will be having an open house by invitation only on October 20th & 21st and making offers to qualified candidates that same week. So please share this with your peers and let me know if there is anything else I need to do. Thank you in advance for any help you may offer and I hope to hear from you soon. Have a great day.

Paul Watts
Senior Recruiter - Siemens

JFS caches analyzer

2004-09-04 09:39:50 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [ecomstation.ru]

eCo Software is searching for a student (technical field) which is interested to implement application for JFS cache analysis. This tasks includes 2D graphics drawing, basic statistics methods usage. Contact person: Pavel Shtemenko, e-mail: pasha (at) paco.odessa.ua

Job opportunities

2004-09-04 09:11:57 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [VOICENWS]

Some days ago job opportunities was published:

  • Phoenix AZ
    Looking for an OS2 scripter with NetviewDM experience in the Phoenix AZ area, pay is decent, contract is one year and there is some weekend work, please contact Ray Patalano with Sapphire Technologies at 1-800-676-9559 Contacts: Ray Patalano (ray.patalanoDESPAM@sapphire.com)
  • Tucson, AZ
    Currently we have an immediate need for a contractor on our clients Software Distribution team. This resource will perform Software distribution in an OS/2 environment. Must have solid knowledge of OS2 scripting, NetviewDM NVDM, response files and CID in order to perform the distributions. Distributions occur after hours on weekends in addition, they will provide support for the ISSI servers, ensuring that all CIRATS and APARS are installed.

    Applicants need to be aware that most distributions occur late evening on Saturdays and reports are required Sunday morning. The team and will work with the resources to provide time off during week to keep OT at minimum.

    Skills Desired: OS/2 or OS2, Windows 2000, NetviewDM, Scripting for OS2, Perl, CID, Perl(2), General PC skills, Netscape, LAN/WAN TCP/IP.

    Additional Information:

     Type: Contract 
     Location: Tucson, AZ 
     Duration: 1 Year 
     Pay Rate: 30K or 18.50 hr W2

    If interested email me a current resume and a good time to talk ASAP!

     Barbara Stauffer 
    Triad Consultants, Inc. 
    8101 E. Prentice Avenue    Suite 610 
    Englewood, CO 80111 
    PH: (480) 343-9906
    FX:  (443) 222-1291
    Apply online at:
  • South Germany
    Text: OS/2 Expert wanted in south germany. Starting Oktober 2004 for at least 6 Month or longer. Required Skills: OS/2 Systems - MQ series - C, C++, Rexx - LAN, TCP/IP, - DB/2 - Java
    Url: http://www2.solcom.de/GULPRobotIt.asp#13
    Contacts: Joachim Deelen (joachim.deelen.ecsDESPAM@deelen.de)

Recruitments on www.os2world.com

2004-01-31 10:24:56 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [www.os2world.com]

OS2World.Com contains information for os/2 specialists looking for vacancy. Scroll down to Recruitments section: "Infosys is hiring computer software engineers", "OS2 Engineer Needed".

Advices of F/X Communications

2004-01-14 23:50:10 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [ecomstation.ru, Eugene Gorbunoff, F/X Communications]

As you know, work over the Internet requires excessive responsibility from both sides (both employer and employee). F/X Communications has listed some of the possible reasons why a normal work flow is not always possible:

  • Developers disappearing for long periods, sometimes even without notifying the company. Examples include military service, illness, problems in the family and even jail.
  • Slow and sometimes very unreliable (dial-up) Internet access combined with constant loss of electricity (especially in ex-USSR countries).
  • A different mentality and sometimes a very different work-ethics.
  • Self-taught programmers that aren't always capable of working professionally.
  • Difficulties with managing employees, since the boss can't see what employees are actually doing.
  • Excuses about family, like the famous "sick grandmother".
  • Poor hardware situations and difficulties with sending test equipment back and forth.
  • Poor English capabilities and inability or unwillingness to document the work.
  • Lack of team-spirit, if the developers and the manager can never meet in person.
  • More...

Please, be careful with taking a job over the Internet if you expect such problems to happen (this relates to work for any company).

One might think that part of these problems can't be controlled by the developer and use that as an excuse, but real-world business doesn't care about that and such problems shouldn't be allowed to continue forever. Developers should work actively to solve such problems or it would be better to find a local job.

Visit F/X here: F/X Communications homepage

Job offering for network specialist

2003-12-09 15:23:47 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [ecomstation.ru]

An internet provider is searching for two network specialists with os/2 experience in Moscow. [details skipped]

empty title

2003-11-17 05:02:43 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [VOICENWS]

empty message

Job offerings

2003-05-26 21:04:32 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [ecomstation.ru]

No new offerings.. but we continue to collect resumes from russian os/2 developers.

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