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eComStation is a greatly different operating system for PC (IBM OS/2 Warp)
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OS/2 / eComStation - VDM Compatibility List

ANY working game was started/played using the DOSGAMES.set configuration.
You may import this configuration to a MDOS-Object.
Sound should work, when using soundblaster card in computer.
If a TSR/Patch/VDD is required, then it's listed after the gamename in brackets

Working games

3d Realms/Apogee: Bio Menace
3d Realms/Apogee: Blood (soundblaster gives exception...bug in VDM)
3d Realms/Apogee: Boppin' (vCOMPAT)
3d Realms/Apogee: Commander Keen 1 - 6
3d Realms/Apogee: Commander Keen Dreams
3d Realms/Apogee: Crystal Caves
3d Realms/Apogee: Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure
3d Realms/Apogee: Death Rally (vCOMPAT)
3d Realms/Apogee: Duke Nukem
3d Realms/Apogee: Duke Nukem 2
3d Realms/Apogee: Duke Nukem 3D (SB-code crashes, select no-sound)
3d Realms/Apogee: Duke Nukem 3D - Atomic Edition (same bug like in Duke Nukem 3D)
3d Realms/Apogee: Halloween Harry
3d Realms/Apogee: Hocus Pocus
3d Realms/Apogee: Jumpman Lives!
3d Realms/Apogee: Monster Bash
3d Realms/Apogee: Mystic Towers
3d Realms/Apogee: Raptor (use vCOMPAT)
3d Realms/Apogee: Rise of the Triad (SB-code crashes, same crash like in Blood)
3d Realms/Apogee: Secret Agent Man
3d Realms/Apogee: Shadow Warrior (SB-code crashes, select no-sound)
3d Realms/Apogee: Terminal Velocity (sound setup freeze gets fixed by vCOMPAT)
Alone In The Dark 1
Alone In The Dark 2
Alone In The Dark 3
Another World (use Proceed (1) on memory manager warning)
Battle Chess
Battle Chess Enhanced - CD-ROM Edition
Battle Chess 4000
Battle Isle 1 (& Mission Packs)
Battle Isle 2 (& Mission Packs)
Black Thorne
Blake Stone (soundblaster works, music isnt playing)
Broken Sword (works with vCOMPAT, but crash on mouse move, bug in VDM)
Cannon Fooder 1
Cannon Fooder 2 (sound goes mad)
Chess Maniac 5 Billion and 1 (use THESE settings)
City of the lost Children
Cobra Mission
Comanche (after using THIS official update)
Comanche vs. Werewolf (Comanche 2.0)
Comanche 3 (use vCOMPAT)
Command & Conquer 1
Command & Conquer 1 - Mission Disc
Command & Conquer 2 - Red Alert
Command & Conquer 2 - The Aftermath (vCOMPAT)
Command & Conquer 2 - Counterstrike (vCOMPAT)
Cool Spot
Descent 2 (vCOMPAT)
Die Siedler/The Settlers
Die Siedler 2/The Settlers 2
Dimo's Quest
Dungeon Keeper
Epic Megagames: Electroman
Epic Megagames: Epic Pinball
Epic Megagames: Extreme Pinball
Epic Megagames: Jazz Jackrabbit
Epic Megagames: One Must Fall 2097
Epic Megagames: Seek & Destroy
Epic Megagames: Silverball
Epic Megagames: Xargon
Firestorm Thunderhawk
Fade To Black (use THIS patch)
Flashback - Disk-Version (sound doesnt work)
Gobliins 2
Goblins 3 (works, use new VDMA for better sound)
Hi-Octane (works perfectly, but could run too fast on 1+ Ghz machines)
Humans Evolution
ID software: Doom (use vCOMPAT to get SB sound)
ID software: Doom 2 (use vCOMPAT to get SB sound)
ID software: Heretic (use vCOMPAT to get SB sound)
ID software: Hexen (use vCOMPAT to get SB sound)
ID software: Quake
ID software: Strife (use vCOMPAT to get SB sound)
Jack in the Dark
Jack Nicklaus Golf & Course Design
Lemmings 2 - The Tribes (vCOMPAT)
Lemmings 3 (crash due too fast computer)
Lemmings 3D
Lost In Time 1 & 2
Lost Vikings
Lost Vikings 2
Lucas Arts: Dark Forces
Lucas Arts: Full Throttle
Lucas Arts: Indiana Jones 3 (using Magical VM Patcher from vCOMPAT)
Lucas Arts: Indiana Jones 3 - VGA Edition
Lucas Arts: Indiana Jones 4 and the Fate of Atlantis
Lucas Arts: Indiana Jones 4 and the Fate of Atlantis - CD-ROM Talkie Edition
Lucas Arts: Loom
Lucas Arts: Loom - CD-ROM VGA Edition
Lucas Arts: Maniac Mansion 1
Lucas Arts: Maniac Mansion 2
Lucas Arts: Maniac Mansion 2 - CD-ROM Edition
Lucas Arts: Monkey Island (using Magical VM Patcher from vCOMPAT)
Lucas Arts: Monkey Island - VGA Edition (using Magical VM Patcher from vCOMPAT)
Lucas Arts: Monkey Island 2
Lucas Arts: Rebel Assault
Lucas Arts: Rebel Assault 2
Lucas Arts: Sam'n Max - Non-Talkie Version
Lucas Arts: Sam'n Max - CD-ROM Edition (use vCOMPAT, new VDMA required)
Lucas Arts: The Dig
Lucas Arts: Tie Fighter - CD-ROM Edition
Lucas Arts: X-Wing - CD-ROM Edition
Lucas Arts: Zak McKracken
Master of Magic
Master of Orion
Master of Orion 2
Miles Sound System (versions from 1994+, remove VW32S.SYS from CONFIG.SYS)
Mortal Kombat 1 (MortalFX patch for DOS&OS/2&eCS, works 100%)
Mortal Kombat 2
Neverending Story 2
Oxyd - Per Oxyd (use THIS start-batchfile)
Pandora Directive (vCOMPAT, new vDMA required)
Pinball Dreams (choose MEDIUM speed, HIGH speed will make game freeze)
Pinball Dreams 2 (choose MEDIUM speed)
Pinball Fantasies (choose MEDIUM speed)
Pinball Worlds
Prince of Persia
Prince of Persia 2 - The shadow and the flame (new vDMA required)
Psycho Pinball (use vCOMPAT)
Railroad Tycoon
Rayman (including extra level add-ons) (vCOMPAT)
Rise of the Dragon
Sierra/Dynamix: Alien Legacy (vCOMPAT and latest kernel)
Sierra/Dynamix: Betrayal at Krondor (GOSiERRAv3)
Sierra/Dynamix: Black Cauldron
Sierra/Dynamix: Castle of Dr. Brain (GOSiERRAv3)
Sierra/Dynamix: Codename: ICEMAN
Sierra/Dynamix: Conquest of Camelot
Sierra/Dynamix: Conquest of the Longbow (GOSiERRAv3)
Sierra/Dynamix: Eco Quest 1 - Search for Cetus (GOSiERRAv3)
Sierra/Dynamix: Eco Quest 2 - Lost Secret of the Rainforest (GOSiERRAv3)
Sierra/Dynamix: Freddy Pharkas (GOSiERRAv3)
Sierra/Dynamix: Gabriel Knight 1 (VGA version works with vCOMPAT)
Sierra/Dynamix: Gabriel Knight 2 (works with vCOMPAT, but crash on mousemove (VDM-bug)
Sierra/Dynamix: Goldrush
Sierra/Dynamix: Heart of China (use Adlib, Soundblaster doesnt work)
- can NOT be patched using GOSiERRA needs specific patch
Sierra/Dynamix: Island of Dr. Brain (GOSiERRAv3, new VDMA required)
Sierra/Dynamix: King's Quest 1
Sierra/Dynamix: King's Quest 1 SCI (GOSiERRAv3)
Sierra/Dynamix: King's Quest 1 VGA (unofficial by TIERRA using ACS v2.1)
Sierra/Dynamix: King's Quest 2
Sierra/Dynamix: King's Quest 3
Sierra/Dynamix: King's Quest 4
Sierra/Dynamix: King's Quest 4 SCI
Sierra/Dynamix: King's Quest 5 (GOSiERRAv3)
Sierra/Dynamix: King's Quest 5 - CD-ROM Talkie Edition (GOSiERRAv3)
Sierra/Dynamix: King's Quest 6 (GOSiERRAv3)
Sierra/Dynamix: Laura Bow 1
Sierra/Dynamix: Laura Bow 2 (GOSiERRAv3)
Sierra/Dynamix: Leisure Suit Larry 1
Sierra/Dynamix: Leisure Suit Larry 1 - VGA-Edition (GOSiERRAv3)
Sierra/Dynamix: Leisure Suit Larry 2
Sierra/Dynamix: Leisure Suit Larry 3
Sierra/Dynamix: Leisure Suit Larry 5 (GOSiERRAv3)
Sierra/Dynamix: Leisure Suit Larry 6 (GOSiERRAv3)
Sierra/Dynamix: Leisure Suit Larry 7 (works with vCOMPAT, but crash on mousemove (VDM-bug)
Sierra/Dynamix: Man Hunter - New York
Sierra/Dynamix: Man Hunter - San Francisco
Sierra/Dynamix: Mixed-Up - Mother Goose
Sierra/Dynamix: Mixed-Up - Fairy Tales (GOSiERRAv3)
Sierra/Dynamix: Nova 9
Sierra/Dynamix: Pepper's Adventures In Time (GOSiERRAv3)
Sierra/Dynamix: Police Quest 1
Sierra/Dynamix: Police Quest 1 - VGA Edition (GOSiERRAv3)
Sierra/Dynamix: Police Quest 2
Sierra/Dynamix: Police Quest 3 (GOSiERRAv3)
Sierra/Dynamix: Quarky and Quaysoo's Turbo Science (GOSiERRAv3)
Sierra/Dynamix: Quest for Glory 1
Sierra/Dynamix: Quest for Glory 1 - VGA Edition (GOSiERRAv3)
Sierra/Dynamix: Quest for Glory 2 (GOSiERRAv3)
Sierra/Dynamix: Quest for Glory 3 (GOSiERRAv3)
Sierra/Dynamix: Quest for Glory 4 (GOSiERRAv3)
Sierra/Dynamix: Quest for Glory 4 1/2 (inofficial game, just use DOSGAMES.set, but change DPMI_MEMORY_LIMIT to 64)
Sierra/Dynamix: Sid and Al's Incredible Toons (GOSiERRAv3)
Sierra/Dynamix: Slater & Charly (GOSiERRAv3)
Sierra/Dynamix: Space Quest 1
Sierra/Dynamix: Space Quest 1 - VGA Edition (GOSiERRAv3)
Sierra/Dynamix: Space Quest 2
Sierra/Dynamix: Space Quest 3
Sierra/Dynamix: Space Quest 4 (GOSiERRAv3)
Sierra/Dynamix: Space Quest 5 (GOSiERRAv3)
Sierra/Dynamix: The Incredible Machine (GOSiERRAv3)
Sierra/Dynamix: The Incredible Machine 2 (soundcard is not detected, everything else works)
Sierra/Dynamix: Willy Beamish (GOSiERRAv3)
Sierra/Dynamix: Willy Beamish (CD-ROM Talkie, needs GOSiERRAv3)
Simon The Sorcerer
Simon The Sorcerer - CD-ROM Talkie Edition
Simon The Sorcerer 2 - CD-ROM Talkie Edition
Slipstream 5000 - CD-ROM Edition (use THIS batch-file)
Spear of Destiny
SpellCasting 101: Sorcerers Get All the Girls
SpellCasting 201: The Sorcerer's Appliance
SpellCasting 301: Spring Break
Syndicate - American Revolt
Syndicate Wars (use vCOMPAT)
The 7th Guest (new vDMA required)
The Lost Files Of Sherlock Holmes (HolmesFix)
Theme Hospital (remove VW32S.SYS from CONFIG.SYS)
Tomb Raider
Tubular Worlds
Ultima 6
Ultima Underworld
Ultima Underworld 2
Under A Killing Moon (vCOMPAT, new vDMA required)
Wacky Wheels
Warcraft 2
X-Com 2 - Terror from the Deep
X-Com 3 - Apocalypse (works with vCOMPAT, but crash on mouse move, bug in VDM)