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eComStation is a greatly different operating system for PC (IBM OS/2 Warp)
Applications, news, reviews, support of users, hardware, questions and answers.
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eComStation - global phenomenon

eComStation - is the technology known in many countries. Hundreds of fans and thousands of computers running all over the world.

eComStation and IBM OS/2 Warp have long history (25 years). eComStation - is a standalone platform, working on real hardware.

Demo-version of eComStation (input your email there, gey link to bootable .iso image)






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What is eComStation?

eComStation is the operating system of today!


eComStation 2.0 is designed to work on modern computers (i3/i5/i7, Core Duo, AMD X2), but works on hardware purchased 5 years ago. eCS 2.0 what's new

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Firefox 24 for OS/2
2014-04-23 22:36:18    comments - 2

Firefox is updated again . . .

 OS/2 for mobile users
2014-04-21 16:13:14    comments - 6

Does OS/2 Warp / eComStation follow the needs of mobile users? . . .

 Warpstock 2014 Registration is Now Open (almost)
2014-04-18 22:49:17

Warpstock is the annual conference for eComStation and OS/2 users. . . .

Switch eComStation to your language
2014-04-14 16:22:44    comments - 1

Imagine that you are organizing a conference and configuring eCS computers for the guests: . . .

 ACPI, more reports to collect
2014-04-14 12:43:04

(unofficial message) . . .

Support service: eComStation desktop
2014-04-13 17:05:46    comments - 2

To prevent damage of desktop, every eComStation should run DMT utility on startup. . . .

 Configuring eComStation for server tasks
2014-03-31 02:36:57    comments - 8

Tell us, do you use eComStation for server tasks? . . .

 I like User Interface
2014-03-31 02:12:32    comments - 3

What elements of user interface in OS/2, OS/2 Warp, eComStation do you like? . . .

 WiFi for eComStation
2014-03-15 01:55:27

Do you have troubles with WiFi connection? . . .

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Subversion 1.7.16 (beta testing)
(Paul Smedley)

Weather widget 2012/09/19
(eCo Software)

InJoy Firewall 4.2 (2014/02/20)
(bww bitwise works GmbH)

PM123 (Classic) 1.37

USB Audio drivers 2014/02 (SVN1074)
(Lars Erdmann)

AHCI driver 1.32 (2013/11/09)
(Mensys BV)

RPM subsystem 2013xxxx

LabelStamp 2013/10/29
(eCo Software)

Realtek Ethernet R8110 driver 0.3.1 (2013/05/17)
(Mensys BV)

RtlChipId 20130602
(Mensys BV)


KEE16 10
(Lars Erdmann)


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Modems: Huawei - Mobile Broadband E3131
Mark: Very good

Notebooks/barebones: IBM - ThinkPad 365X
Mark: Very good

Notebooks/barebones: IBM - ThinkPad 701CS
Mark: Very good

Notebooks/barebones: IBM - ThinkPad X22 +MediaSlice
Mark: Very good

Notebooks/barebones: IBM - ThinkPad 770X
Mark: Very good

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