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IBM ThinkPad A22e


IBM ThinkPad A22e

Mark: Very good

I have an A22e, which is almost identical to a T21 (I think the T21 case is a little stronger). Suspend, and hibernation, work fine. To make it work, I did the following:

  • I shrunk the C: drive (Win98, in my case), using DFSEE (I made it 5GiB, just because...).
  • Then, I used LVM to add Boot Manager, immediately following the C: drive. If you find the right docs, you will find that the save file must be on a FAT, FAT32, or NTFS, formatted drive, that is FIRST on the disk (mine is FAT32). There is no need for a "special partition" to do suspend, or hibernate, except on older computers, that don't have the BIOS support to do it. Putting Boot Manager first on the disk will mess that up. Boot Manager could also be put at the end of the disk (as long as the Int13X support will go that far out, and it should). Since my disk has the recovery partition (hidden), at the end of the disk, I just left it there, and built my eCS system volumes in the middle (all extended, logical, of course). I have a 2047 MiB boot volume, and a 20 GiB (or so) JFS volume.

Then, I set up the BIOS to do the suspend, and hibernate, functions. ECS cooperates with that, and it works fine. I did select the option that will rebuild the save file, every time it is created.

Some problems that I did have, before I got it to work:

  • The driver for the NIC (Intel Pro 10/100 combo card) did not support suspend and resume. A later version of the driver works fine (included in eCS 1.2, and up, and it may even be in eCS 1.1). Get NICPAK from: http://www.os2warp.be/index2.php?name=nicpak if you aren't sure. That page will also get you the proper download, if you need to update.
  • There was (is?) a bug in the Speedstep driver, that prevents the screen from being refreshed after a resume. The latest Speedstep driver is supposed to have a fix for that (there is an entry required in CONFIG.SYS to enable it), but I find that it will work twice, then it never works again, until you reboot. The actual fix for that problem, is to add: SET SNAP_APM_REPAINT=1 to CONFIG.SYS. The SNAP driver will do a repaint, a few seconds after resume is completed.
  • One thing that does NOT work, on my system, is the Lucent modem. It happens to be one of the many unsupported versions. You will find that getting one of the Lucent modems that does work, is a hit and miss thing. Some T models have a good one, and some don't. Same goes for the rest of the Thinkpad models. Some have the good modem, and some don't. IBM will NOT replace a modem just because it doesn't work with OS/2, and there is no guarantee of which type you will get, if you need to replace a working (or not working) one.


Information is sent by: Doug Bissett -- 2006-08-08 11:28:07



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2006-08-08 15:26:01

"....... ......... .............. eComStation." .... .......... . ... ... "One thing that does NOT work, on my system, is the Lucent modem." ... ..?

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