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Dell Latitude E6500

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Dell Latitude E6500

Mark: Very bad

On the Dell Latitude E6500 does not run with any display driver better the VGA. SDD and Panorama crash the system in the installation process (I tried eCS 2.0 RC7, eCS 2.0 RC6 and eCS 1.2R) or starting an already installed system (eCS 1.2R, updated).

The graphics adapter is chipset graphics Mobile Intel GMA 4500MHD and the display has a 1440x900 resolution with LED-backlight.

I still hope to get eCS running because otherwise the Notebook is very well with magnesium-aluminium body, low weight and is running with standard battery more than 5 hours.

I ordered with a Core2Duo P8700 CPU with 2.53 GHz and 25 Watts power consumption, with 4 GB memory and a 250 GB HD.


Information is sent by: Hans v. Mangoldt -- 2010-02-13 17:53:53



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Sigurd Fastenrath
2010-02-14 23:43:20


log in at ecomstation.com, go to the bugtracker and search for bug 2652. There is a new gradd.sys provided that, in combination with Panorama, let you install the Panorama Vesa Driver.

Just install with GRADD, then, when eCS installation finished, install Panorama and before reboot copy the modified gradd.sys to replace the origin one.

This way I got my Intel 4500 chipset on my Lenovo X200T to run.

Hans v. Mangoldt
2010-02-22 16:10:46

Thanks to the advices by Eugene Gorbunoff and Sigurd Fastenrath the screen runs now well with Panorama with a newer Gradd.sys.

Thanks to the help from Robert Lalla who made a newer version (0.85) of intlbios.sys available to me also the native screen resolution (1440x900) runs well.

I will post more reports when I got the network devices, both cores of the CPU and ACPI running.

So the averall rating now be should something like "Average" until the rest of the hardware works well.

Hans v. Mangoldt
2010-08-02 12:45:59

With the new Intel-NIC driver from Mensys the ethernet adapter runs fine. I will next check to run both cores of the CPU with eCS 2.0 german, when available. A report will be posted here.

With eCS 2.0 RC7 the CPU load was very high when both cores where activated, so the cooling fan was running continous. With only one core activated the core temperature is 59. C and the fan not hearable.

Eugene Gorbunoff
2011-05-21 14:40:07

2011/05, Hans von Mangoldt,


Have eCS 2.1 installed on my Dell Latitude E6500. The installation went through in less than a quarter hour. The system runs fast and stable. In Einkernmodus the processor temperature stays at approximately 45 C relatively cool (Windows XP 35 C), the CPU clock rate will automatically. In the dual-core mode, up to 70 . C in the (mostly between 50 and 60 . C) idle is achieved. The notebook feels much faster. Both ACPI PIC mode and run smoothly. The FS mode for Dell device seems to be no need.

Similarly, the well runs OS2AHCI.ADD (the first one has to consider starting from the RAM disk, because when you install it with no land on the plate - even if one selects it explicitly). The notebook starts with the driver in SATA AHCI mode. With the / N for the NCQ for SATA disks SysBench achieved in simultaneous disk I / O benchmark on 10% higher values than without NCQ.

Rather minor work so far (yet): The Amouse behaved driver with me as described by Herwig (mouse works fine during installation, after the installation moves while the mouse pointer, but the buttons are inoperable). The use of the "old" usbmouse.sys solves the problem appears just as a new installation of Amouse.

The internal trackpad (PS / 2) does not work on eCS 2.1. This condition is unchanged since the RCs of eCS 2.0 and eCS 1.2R.

The temperature or the query Thermal.exe Reactorwidget is not updated, ie, the temperature is always displayed at the start of the system.

With running os2ahci.add does the SMART query no longer under eCS.

In SMP mode to run the timer of the two cores are not synchronized (TmrTest.exe).

After first test, I am very happy with the new system. As quickly and easily, no OS / 2 / eCS has - System found the way to the hard disk.

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