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OS/2 is a greatly different operating system for PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
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Warcraft2 doesn't work in OS/2

2019-12-11 19:02:07 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

Does Warcraft2 work on your PC? Warcraft2 download Do the troubles depend on version of OS/2?

    PC A:
    • Core 2 Duo, Intel mb
    • ArcaOS 5.0.4
    • Panorama
    • Core 2 Duo / 3GB
    • uconfig: Generic VGA / 256Kb / 8 bit / [ ]
    • no warcraft2 patches installed
    • no changes to DOS params. test 2: changed some params

    => crashes PC B: (home)

    • i5 gen2 / ThinkCentre
    • ArcaOS 5.0.3
    • Panorama
    • i5, Gen 2 / 4GB
    • uconfig: Generic VGA / 256Kb / 8 bit / [ ]
    • no changes to DOS params
    • no warcraft2 patches installed

    => Warcraft 2 works

1) Seems that DOS/4GW is integrated to war2.exe

OS/2 2020: What application do you need?

2019-12-08 02:14:23 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

What application (utility) do you need in next few monthes (winter/spring)? (you can request 5 apps) What application will allow you automate some processes? and economize efforts / earn money?

Remember the history of eComStation in 2000 and 2001: It will be smart to order the development in Russia/Ukraine. The developers in this countries have high technical skills and will "work for food".

Sunny icons: Computer

2019-09-04 10:18:03 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

You can see the icon of Computer after installation of Sunny icons:

What does it mean? The computer is showed as "green brain" (green substance) inside blue egg (because ArcaOS and eComStation have blue logos).

Device Manager for OS/2

2019-05-11 03:37:00 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

Homepage: http://os2.guru/devman

What do you think,

  • How to improve Device Manager?
  • Does it detect USB Audio adapters? Send us corrections
  • What system information do you expect from DevMan?

ArcaOS - includes modern Firefox

2019-04-29 12:45:47 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

One of the arguments why you should upgrade to ArcaOS, it contains firefox 38. and you can update it to firefox 45.

it's impossible start firefox 38 and 45 in previous versions of eCS, OS/2 Warp. (many people made efforts but failed because it's impossible select needed libraries).

The users ask about Firefox 38:

  • Firefox 38: after ArcaOS installation you can use youtube and play videos. In several minutes / hours it stops playing. How to use youtube with Firefox 38?
  • You can't print from Firefox. So you should generate pdf files (and print PDF from PDF viewer). Question: how to improve quality of the PDF files? increase dpi? by default you get 150 dpi and text documents have poor quality.
  • Firefox 38 crashes often. How to increase stability?


2019-03-25 01:10:31 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

How to enter into AVITO profile from OS/2? reCAPTCHA doesn't work with Firefox 38 so you can't login.

  • Main secret - reCAPTCHA is not used for some Android devices
  • change user agent to
    Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 7.0) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Focus/1.0 Chrome/59.0.3029.83 Mobile Safari/537.36
  • remove cookies related to AVITO
  • select Add item. so you can see simplified Login dialog. without reCAPTCHA
  • now you are logged to the site
  • change user agent to
    Mozilla/5.0 (OS/2; Warp 4.5; rv:45.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/45.0

Share your experience how to use other services and bank sites from OS/2.

OS/2 and Android interaction

2019-03-10 11:46:59 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

How do you exchange data with Android smartphone? Interaction of OS/2 and Android.

Upgrade ArcaOS apps

2019-01-15 03:45:51 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [eCo Software]

Upgrade ArcaTool to Zippy,

Upgrade DVD Tools to DVD Toys
(btw, to use USB DVD Multi burner, install cdrtools from DVD Toys homepage)

eSchemes 2.01.00 are released

2019-01-13 19:38:05 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [eCo Software]

eCo Software released eSchemes WPS extender. It was fully re-written and debugged. eSchemes allows you apply schemes and change colors of windows, buttons and other graphical UI elements.

The package includes 44 schemes (OS/2 Warp 3 appearence, WinXP, etc).


Device Manager updated

2018-11-28 13:15:55 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

Several weeks ago we have updated Device Manager for OS/2. Smart utility which shows information about hardware devices.


For developers: if you have useful code aimed to detect devices (Serial port, cameras, RAID controllers..) then you can share this code with us (we will mention your participation on the site)

For users: Send us short messages via the utility to improve output

  • The models of devices are not decoded sometimes.
  • name of manufacturer can be simplified.

If you look at Windows experience. Embedded Device manager is the main tool to setup re-installed Windows system. The utility informs what devices don't have drivers or work with troubles. Step by step, every user can resolve the troubles by himself.

Warcraft 2 via network

2018-11-15 14:16:34 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

People install OS/2 to play DOS games.

Let's write the article "How to configure Warcraft 2 for network game"

Add comments if you know tricks and tips.

OS/2 + Android

2018-02-05 02:27:58 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

Misc questions from users:

  • How to upload ringtone to smartphone from OS/2?
  • how to send SMS from PC via Android smartphone?
  • how to clean directories on Android phone from OS/2 (via ftp)?
  • what is the target directory for wallpapers? so smartphone detects this pictures?
  • how to dump sms messages using OS/2?

Sponsorship needed for a new OS/2 web browser for OS/2

2017-10-12 01:03:44 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2voice.org]

The Dutch OS/2 VOICE foundation is looking for people who to sponsor the DUtch OS/2 VOICE foundation to collect 10.000 Dollars to contribute to a new browser on OS/2.

Firefox for the next 2 years we can still use but we are looking for an alternative. For more details please visit the following page: http://articles.os2voice.org

OS/2 Firefox downgrade

2017-09-02 03:56:34 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

How to downgrade Firefox 38 or 45 down to Firefox 24.8.1?

As you know, version 38 and 45 don't allow print from Firefox to printers with standard drivers.

To print a document the operator (user) should make some additional redundant efforts.

Let's share information how to install Firefox 24 to ArcaOS?

Fix for NetDrive FTP

2017-07-28 11:15:22 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [Glassman]

Fix to support FTP servers with russian codepage 1251

Zippy 0.09.00 release

2016-11-19 21:02:40 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

Zippy is a powerful and modern archiver for OS/2.


Version 0.09.00 (2016/11/15)

  • Now, if there is no marked archive items, all operations are applied to the currently selected item.
  • Commands that allow extract, test or remove a currently selected archive item are added to the archive context menu.
  • Fixed program crash after pressing the F1 key.
  • Fixed program crash after pressing "Remove" button if there is not any open archive

Version 0.08.01

  • Location of the directory used to hold temporary files can be changed via configuration dialog.
  • Correctly extracts boot images containing a boot information table from ISO9660 files.
  • Fixed WPS associations and integration during program installation.

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Report: OS/2 compatible hardware


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