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Russian ARCAOS exists and it's available since the middle of 2017. All versions are supported: 5.0, 5.0.1, 5.0.2.

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Warpstock Europe: Changes

TITLE: Warpstock Europe: Changes

DATE: 2013-05-25 15:19:46

AUTHOR: eCo Software

2013/05/26, 15:00 MSK

It's clear that the conferences are very important, and give impulse for work during the next 12 monthes.

We expect that the next confrence will attract more visitors and more speakers. How to change Warpstock conference and make it successful, make it "grow"?

A. What "successful conference" means?

  • IF we attract more visitors (that's why we talk about the program, the presentations, the city, ..),
  • IF the visitors and speakers work all 3 days and don't run away (that's why we are discussing chairs, length of presentation, the order, ..),
  • IF the visitors take memories and come to the next conference (that's why we talk about souvenirs, photo stands and walls, social events, ..)

B. The Conference is a process, not Target only

D-Day Study during the whole semester to be ready for examination..

The D-day (the conference week-end) makes the developers finish all projects in short terms, find the targets and correct the plans.

The conference it's like an examination. The year may be closed if the examination (conference) was organized and the students (users) made the presentations, demonstrated the annual report. No examination - no switch to the next year.

6 monthes marathon

6 monthes to prepare products and materials

The conference starts in 12 monthes before D-Day. The developers declare what they will make during the year. And declare what presentations they will show.

The conference is not simple meeting of people, this is the meeting of people which were working during the whole year and preparing materials for the conference.

// The speakers don't describe something what exist and was created by other people. They make work by themselves and then present the results of own work.

Conclusion: the list of presentations should be available in advance, in 6 monthes. So the visitors can prepare for the trip, prepare questions. And the speakers have time to make efforts to complete the projects for D-Day.


C. What changes to make?

The format of Warpstock Europe was established several years ago and every conference follows the standard plan. Is it good idea to modify the format of the conference now?

Publish list of presentations in advance

6 monthes before..

Collect list of presentations and publish in advance (6 - 10 monthes)


  • The users which are going visit the conference, see what is the program and make the decision to visit it.
  • The developers start work at the same day when declare own presentation.

Critics: The speakers are slow and send the description of presentation in the last moment

Second part of day

More interactivity in the 2-nd part of day

It's very-very hard to listen the presentations in the second part of day. All people are tired, sleepy. Many visitors go away after the launch in the second part of day. Or they go away because don't know about coming presentations

How to hold the visitors?

1) How to fix this? It's necessary make other kind of meetings. For example, workshops with the developers. No slides, live chat only. Everybody can make the questions and discuss the details. Let's say, the workshops are organized in 2 rooms and five developers sit there.

2) Large, most popular and heavy presentations should be demonstrated at 10:00 and at ~ 16:00 (not in the morning only).


  • + More visitors in the 2-nd part of day


20 active users

Free tickets for active users

Let's give 20 tickets to the most active users and developers. (free ticket + free hotel + eCS subscription). How to select "the most acive"? Who will cover the expenses?


  • + Attract more visitors
  • + The news related to "Selecton of 20 active users" attract attention to the conference

Photos of the speakers

It's always difficult make good photos of the speakers. Let's give 30 seconds for photographers to make some photos (after/before) with selected slides in the backround. [this is important for good reports]

Notes: Not all speakers like this


Social events

Remove restrictions

Social event (restaurant or tourist walk) should be available for all guests of the conference by default. People can't imagine what do they miss, it's necessary invite more people, so they get more impressions from the conference. Of course, the visitor can decline the invitation.

Social event is important for communication among people.

Notes: It's impossible invite all guests, there are restrictions



Exhibition of applications

1) There should be a room where the users can talk with the developers of applications. The list of developers should be published in advance. There should be 3-5 chairs around every table.

Notes: It was useful in the past. Today everybody can download demo version of application by himself.



It's important to generate eCS / OS/2 Warp artefacts and sell/give this items to the visitors. (pens, mugs, flashdisks, ..), to keep the "religion" alive. The manufacturing requires high expenses.


Preview of presentations

Preview in the morning

1) All speakers make short presentations (5 minutes) in the morning to attract attention of the visitors. 7 speakers x 5 min = 35 minutes

2) Moreover, the speakers can publish video clips in advance with promo of the presentation.


Recommendations for speakers Let's recommend to all speakers:
  • make live presentation, don't use slides.
  • Flyers - too many flyers every day, people ignore any papers.
  • Banners - too many adv banners around, people ignore any banner or slideshow

Notes: There are recommendations on the homepage of the conference


Commercial price-list

Opportunities for companies

Every developer has the right to make the presentation. Free of charge. (Of course, he should contact the organizers in 6 monthes, declare the topic). Free services:

  • opportunity to make presentation
  • announcements of the presentations in WSE newsletters
  • table with monitor at Workshop room

There should be official price-list for companies and speakers which need extra services:

  • Additional wallpaper banners = x
  • Additional presentation = x
  • Logo of the company at WSE Wallpaper for photos = x


What is the reason for people spend 50 EURO .. 1000 EURO to visit the conference?! It's necessary sell Software pack (10 popular apps with discount 70%), sell Thinkpad laptops with eCS pre-installed (with discount). So the users can compensate the expenses and get profit.

Notes: The users purchased needed shareware applications already



Promotion of the conference

1) The success of previous conference: The only real method to promote the conference - make the photos, make the reports from the conference and demonstrate the materials to all interested people. Remind about the results of the previous conference *before the next one* (Demonstrate the materials again).

2) Rotate banners with presentation titles: (similar to WSE2011 banners)

Notes: The web-sites should agree to rotate the promo banners.


Wallpaper with logos

We offered make a wallpaper with WSE20xx logo (look at TV press-conferences) so all visitors get the photos with WSE logo at home/facebook photo album.

Notes: Gerrit was using stands/columns with WSE logo in the past.


Standard food portions Feed the visitors with small amounts of food in the middle of the day. Don't give 200% size portions, else the visitors are sleepy.

Notes: Every user is free to select how much to eat



Empty day

Every time the same situation: sunday.. people go away at 12:00 .. before 15:00. Every day of the event is important and it's necessary present important presentations at 10:00 and 16:00 of this day to hold people at the conference.


D. The role of government

"Government" is the company which holds the agreements and is responsible for eCS distribution at the current moment. Current: Mensys BV.

Raise topics

Raise topics

It's necessary raise N topics on the conference (force the discussion),

in other words order the research / presentation preparation from some developers / specialists. One presentation may be prepared by 3-5 specialists (1 speaker + theses from the developers).

External resources

Invite other IT companies

The conference requires external investments, external resources.

For example, let's invite Thinkpad as sponsor. Other companies which had (have) relation to IBM and OS/2 Warp. Invite large customers which are using eCS today. (Remember the video about Warpstock 2000 and stands of famous corporations and companies)

The government invites "external companies".


Solutions developers

Solutions developers

The developers of "Solutions based on eCS and OS/2" is a separate category. The government is responsible invite this companies to the conference. Notify in advance, support the preparation of the presentations.

E. Commercial visitors

More companies (businessmen) and developers should visit the conference. They agree to spend time and money if the event gives profit.

  • Special presentation: "investment into OS/2 projects" so the visitors can discuss commercial opportunities.
  • eComStation resellers meeting
  • The announcements of the conference should mention the names of companies (and products) which are going participate in the event

F. What are the interests of the visitors?

1) Are you going make a presentation?

The conference is a good chance to

  • demonstrate your applications to the users
  • present success story of eComStation usage;
  • share your libraries with other developers;
  • learn new eComStation technologies and share the knowledge with other developers;
  • present own concept of OS development;
  • inform developers which software and drivers should be created;

2) Moreover, the visit of the conference gives you:

  • Communications
    • You are meeting with other users and developers from different countries, different cultures;
    • If you are a developer, then you are meeting with your clients. Ask them what do they need;
    • Meet the users from your city and region. The conference may help you create Local User Group;
    • Get fresh news and secret information when chatting.
  • Income/experience
    • The visit of Germany/Netherlands is good for your experience, you can see how german/dutch people are working, why they are so productive.
    • You are collecting information what is the trend of OS/2 development. This helps you safe the efforts and don't spend then time to fake goals after return to home.
    • If you are a designer then watch the design of german/dutch houses, clothes, banners
    • Improve your english(/deutch/dutch), no need to buy tutorials of english language
    • You are mobilizing while preparing for the conference. You are generating more ideas, more code while preparing for D-Day.
    • Present your program to sell it
  • Vacations
    • If you don't have a report then interpret the trip as short vacations


Test the program:

[You can promote your application here, contacts]


Christian H.
2013-05-26 20:14:53

While you raise some valid points, I'm afraid the whole discussion is moot because barely anyone is interested in holding the event to begin with. AFAICT 2011 only saw an event because Roderick stepped in – once again. There was no event in 2012 because nobody was interested. Same situation in 2013 and Roderick tried to shoulder the whole thing again in addition to his already huge work-load. Naturally, the result had potential for improvement.

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