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ArcaOS 5.0 Russian
Russian ARCAOS exists and it's available since the middle of 2017. All versions are supported: 5.0, 5.0.1, 5.0.2.

eCo Software is able release OS/2 LIP packages for any other language (German, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Sweden, etc)

eComStation and Home automation

TITLE: eComStation and Home automation

DATE: 2012-05-27 15:13:49

AUTHOR: Nathan Woodruff

I have 4 of these cards link I bought them off eBay all for less than $20 USD. Those cards connect to this interface board, link again purchased on eBay for less than $20. I have purchased the interface modules that are inserted on the board to switch 120v AC, the American standard supply and also to be able to tell if 120v AC is switched on from a light switch.
Greenfield Weatherproof Dusk to Dawn Photosensor

All of my exterior light switches are connected to my alarm system. You turn on a switch and it does nothing but turn on the input to the computer. The computer then turns on the corresponding light.

That way at night, I have this link In an exterior wall from my garage pointing in a North direction to tell me when the sun sets to start turning on the lights in the house and on the outside of the house too.

I then use these link to read the temperature throughout the inside of the house, outside and in the attic. They are read through the serial port with a converter from rs-232 to rs-485 which is a two wire transmission.

Inductor 6 in. In-Line Duct Booster Fan

I then use these... link in conjunction with the temperature probes to adjust the heat or AC in individual rooms. I also use a 60v DC module to be able to turn on the HVAC system at will.

Master Flow 1600 CFM Power Gable Vent in Mill I also have two of these, link mounted in the gables at either end of the attic with two temperature probes mounted within 10 feet to know how hot it is getting in the attic. In the summer months here my attic gets to 165 degrees Fahrenheit which puts a serious strain on the AC system. Cooling the attic with outside air reduces my electricity bill by about 1/3.

Heath Zenith 270-Degree Replacement Motion Sensor

I have three of these. link one in the garage, one in the front door hallway and one mounted by the back door. I have one of these, except wired, link.
I couldn't find the wired version, I guess they stopped selling them, in the garage. When the motion sensor is tripped in the garage, the alarm system turns on the clock camera and takes 4 pictures 1 second apart. In the 10 years that I have had it the only thing it has taken a picture of other than me is the occasional cat that will jump up on a vehicle that is parked outside of the garage.

54-632 - Switch-Magnetic Reed Flange MNT

I have these on all my windows, link and these, link on all my exterior doors and some on the interior doors. If any of the windows are open, I do not allow the HVAC system to turn on. If I leave an exterior door open for 5 minutes or longer, I again turn off the HVAC system.

At night if a window or door is opened when it should be closed, all the lights inside and outside turn on for 15 seconds. After 15 seconds the room where the door or window was opened, the light starts blinking until I turn on the light switch and then turn it off.

That way if someone is breaking into my house at night with me home, all the lights turning on will wake me up. Then when the lights go out and one starts blinking, I know where the bad guy is but he doesn't know where I am. I would also be able to see him and the blinking light would disable his sight into darker rooms.

It used to be the other way around, when you would hear a noise in your house, you would turn on a light. The bad guy would know where you were, but you had no idea where he was. I fixed that problem.

Also it is enough of a deterrent that if you saw that, you would exit out the door or window that you came in and decide a house down the street would be an easier target than mine would be.


I started this project in 1995 and it has been in its current configuration since June of 2001, running continuously well, except for the last few days. My point is that I would have never ever been able to do that with a windoze product that was available in 2001.

I have manual lights now, the ones that plug into the wall and you have to reach over to it to turn on the light switch, how 1990's.

I'm hoping soon that I can find another small hard drive. I have also confirmed that this motherboard from 1994 does not support larger than 2Gb drives. But I have found an old Adaptec SCSI interface board that DANI supports that I can use to get larger than 2GB drives.

Now all I have to do is find some SCSI drives.

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2012-05-27 22:31:33

........ ........ .. ........ ...... . ......... ............. ... .... .. ... ........, ..... .......... ............, .... ........ ...........

Eugene Gorbunoff
2012-05-29 21:15:55

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