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Usage of eComStation at home

TITLE: Usage of eComStation at home

DATE: 2008-01-06 14:06:46

AUTHOR: eCo Software

This text is based on the results of the poll Do you use eComStation and OS/2 Warp at home?

Votes: 471, Comments: 145

  • yes, several computers with eCS, the whole family is using -- 33.76% (Votes: 159)
  • yes, several computers, the whole family, but many problems -- 2.34% (Votes: 11)
  • yes, 1 computer, the whole family is using eCS -- 8.49% (Votes: 40)
  • yes, 1 computer, i am using eCS alone -- 49.47% (Votes: 233)
  • no, the system is unusable for home -- 5.94% (Votes: 28)

Results of the poll:

  • As you can see, half of users share home eComStation PC with parents, wife & children.

We can't publish the comments because

  • many comments mention competitors
  • many users mention problems with own wifes

Usage of eComStation at home today

First of all,

  • Some users are migrating to other platforms, other users are installing new eComStation or going replace Windows with eComStation.
  • The users which are using eComtation at home are going bring eComStation to office.

The users have wide variety of eComStation computers at home:

  • from old Pentiums .. up to QuadCore monsters with 32" LCD.
  • from 1 mini-notebook .. up to dozen computers in 1 house.
  • from 1 PC .. up to several networks of different nature

(More information about supported hardware: eComStation PC homepage)

Why eComStation?

  • Very safe for home use. no viruses
  • Very fast, good user interface
  • Thousands of applications and utilities -- http://hobbes.nmsu.edu

Current areas of usage:

  • Internet browsing, mailing
  • Read/write office documents (OpenOffice, SmartSuite), Maul Publisher
  • Finance (on-line banking, accounting, home business)
  • Music, TV, Video playback
  • as storage of various data, to write CD/DVDs
  • LAN Server, firewall

Current problems

  • The computers are maintained by eComStation users, it's necessary simplify setup and recovery operations.
  • Users need eComStation 2.0 today, not in 2008.
    Advice: Not all users understand that they can use eCS 2.0 components today if subscribe to eComStation Software Subscription. No need to wait for GA, use all new drivers and applications from new eComStation today.
  • Users need the latest Flash media player
  • Users need multi-user support
    Advice: You can use pseudo multi-user support today (change user to change desktop)
  • Better connectivity with modern Windows networks.
    Advice: join beta-testing of Samba server and client
  • Users need better support of audio adapters (HDAudio)
  • Users need support of cheap photo printers, cheap TV-tuners and cheap web-cameras.
  • Users need more multimedia tools to record music, to process photos, record CD/DVD
  • Users need eye-candy icons on desktop
  • Users need personal accounting software

Users don't have information about

  • If you are searching for the list of compatible hardware, please visit Hardware portal (supported HDAudio adapters, printers)
  • eComStation supports any USB memory stick (USBMSD), re-partition the disk before usage. Contact the support service and make it create web-page about USB flashdisks in eComStation.

Additional information

Test the program:

Secure work in eComStation: reviews, tools and recommendations


Martin Stahl Dr.
2008-02-12 21:58:20

I'm a proud user ofOS/2 since vers.2.1 - now on Warp 4 (older hardware), Warp Server 4 and eComStation 1.1 and 1.2 (multiple lic.) . So is my son. - Home LAN very good, also with Win 98SE. Very fast, very stable, no viruses and trojans (homebanking) - - Mostly missing: a good DVD burning and copying program (like NERO 6.0 for Windows); a modern internet browser with sufficient plug-ins (PDF, Flash, Real Player,...); hardware and software for WLAN with WPA; drivers for most recent video cards, drivers for recent printers and scanners. - - No "nice" icons needed - WPS is good!

Kind regards from Laatzen (Hannover), Germany, the city of the CEBit


2009-03-29 23:07:08

I still use eComStation, but the computer is currently down. My video card fried and I have the replacement sitting on my desk, just haven't gotten around to installing it.

eCS has all that I need and is virus free. I had a French visitor who lived with me for a few months and I let them use my OS/2 ECS computer. I came home to find that many times they had tried to download malware but it would not run on os2. So that saved my network.

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How to prevent data loss? a) don't use old version of JFS driver. b) Don't boot from old eCS CD1 (if you take eCS 2.0 CD1, then disable its disk checker else it can kill your partitions), Advice how to use JFS filesystem


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