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Evolutionary Sprint 2006/12

TITLE: Evolutionary Sprint 2006/12

DATE: 2006-12-02 19:40:16

AUTHOR: eCo Software

 Evolutionary Sprint
 Revision: 20061201

This article contains the plan of evolutionary eComStation development approach.

Synopsis: The only way to keep OS/2 platform alive is continue evolutionary development; Every member of the community has obligations and he should fulfil them to achieve common prosperity.

We offer "Evolutionary Sprint" way

  • Evolutionary = don't migrate to other platform
  • Sprint = 1-2 years to improve situation (starting from fall 2006)

1. Model

First of all, let's select the model to simplify the analysis and selection of futher development direction.

Let's imagine that OS/2 community is living in eComStation village (there is a Linux and Windows megapolises on the horizont). We are separated from the other world and have own government, own traditions, interests and laws.

Any modern village usually has similar problems. eComStation (OS/2) village surfers from devastation:

  • there is Unemployment (not all developers have salary)
  • Emigration (we are lossing people every month)
  • Leak of technologies (Many eCS software is ported to Windows)
  • Weak psychological state of users which do not participate in projects
  • No large factories, no external investments
  • No killing applications (i.e. applications which don't have analogues in other OSes)

Nevertheless, there is a hope to make the life in the village better. Every week we can see that:

  • there are many specialists around
  • the community is not divided (this offten happens in other communities)
  • We can run eCS on modern PC again (ACPI, GenMAC, etc)
  • We have traditions and advanced technologies

The listed problems make users and developers search a salvation way. There were 2 projects which offer move to Linux platform and immitate OS/2 feel and view.

Let's call this way as "China-town in Linux megapolis".

  • This way of development is good for organizers of China-town
  • Bad for developers of eComStation software
  • Good for some consumers (users)
  • Death for those who stay in the village

We appreciate the efforts of users and developers which are working on this projects but we should assume that people will become assimilated in 1-2 generations. New system always means new customers, new technologies, tips&tricks. OS/2 developers will spend many efforts to duplicate the original system and this will make them spend all time in Linux.

It is offered forget about the users going to Linux. We can't stop them and we should care about alive users.

In the same time, we don't deny the importance of Linux.

Linux today is a source of hi-tech raw materials:
  • Usually we Import black box (get working linux program)
  • Add native GUI (integrate into Workplace shell)
  • Add interoperability with other native applications

In result we get new native application. It's good but this doesn't give competitive advantages over Linux. We always stay behind the competitor (To check this, imagine that instead of 100 applications we have 10000 linux applications).

2. Current status

Let's find the answer, why do we use eComStation?

date: 20061201, 415 voices

The results of the poll show that half of users are fans, the second half are using the system for everyday purposes and it fits their needs.

The same may attract new users. Other people will join us

  • If we advertise our platform
  • If we prove that this is the best OS
  • If we offer Useful software (better: we are monopolist of necessary software)
  • If we offer high&easy earnings to new users and developers

Let's continue the investigation, What is the current state of the system and community (achievements and problems):

  • There are many specialists
  • Modern PCs are supported
  • All developers are loaded
  • Software updates every day
  • We are small and mobile
  • Alive sites, alive companies
  • etc.
  • There are barriers
  • Tons of bugs in OS
  • We don't export news to IT world
  • Poor communications
  • Every member is working alone
  • No toolkits, to templates of apps
  • etc.

The are barriers which can't be broken

  • Frozen 32-bit kernel (Where is the list of needed features?)
  • Java Virtual Machine (Show me the company which is able port it)
  • Video drivers (every alternative OS has this problem)
  • Decrease of population (Don't drink beer)
  • USB problems (Flash disks, USB keyboards, slow speed, bugs)
  • PM improvement
  • Missing source code of system component
  • etc.

We don't have resources, specialists and experience to break this barriers.

We should improve the way of work and start with simple rules:

  • Don't shoot fake targets. Make software to increase population.
  • Improve infrastructure, optimize processes
  • Found the Corporation of eComStation users and developers
  • Joint design and analysis of software

Barriers may be broken step by step

  1. After population increase
  2. after Create & promote medium size software
  3. If we create templates for such apps and users participate as professional beta-testers
  4. If we determine the list of templates
  5. .. (help us construct the sequence)

3. Roles

Every member of the community should know own obligations and fulfill them to achieve common prosperity.

Government should care about: Roads
  • How to deliver products to users (How to sell software on eCS market. Provide working infrastructure)
  • How to create apps from A-Z (Where to find components and quickly assemble new product)
  • How to find needed solutions and programs

Migration politics

  • How to attract 10 developers, 1-2 companies to our market?
  • How to feed every specialist. And don't allow him emigrate
  • Make developers use common libraries (I/O Procs)


  • Maintain eCS toolkit

Build large factories and manufacture complex software:

  • In other words it should bring Office suite, Virtual machine and other large industrial software.


  • Government should contact all solutions developers and query which libraries and technologies do they need in the next few monthes? This will allow improve the operating system and bring additional income to solutions developers.
Companies should do:
  • Promote own solutions
  • Publish reviews how to earn money on eCS market
  • Invest into creation of new solutions based on OS/2

Companies should establish positive investments climate with support of the Government.

Resellers should do:
  • eComStation PC
  • Describe the operating system (while no marketing department)
  • eCS FAQ maintain
Developers should improve technics:
  • Exchange knowledge, exchange libraries. Create templates of apps
  • Don't start project alone. Find a fellow worker. Division of labor.
  • Spend more time to design of software (designers)
  • Improve communications. 2007 is the year of web-cameras and IPhones
  • Automate processes (bug-tracking, CVS, ..)
  • Result of work should include modules for common use
  • Use I/O Procs and other system modules

Create more WPS applications

  • Allow user select/search files using WPS
  • Unified view of applications
  • Your product is improved when WPS is updated

Developers should switch to creation of node applications:


  • Step A: Select sub-utility and sub-operation:
    • Graphics: rotate, clip, flip, ..
    • Sound: change volume, reverse, ..
    • Other files: rename, copy, ..
  • Step B: Select group of files
  • Step C: Execute operation

Such application may represent the operating system, separate modules are too small and cost ~0 USD.

Users should do:
  • Write overviews of software
  • Export eComStation news to the Windows/Linux sites, promote the features of our OS and software
  • Demand software/drivers creation
  • Participate in beta-testing
  • Make 2 developers join if see that their applications may be combined
  • "This day in eComStation and OS/2 history"

In other words, only users are able promote the operating system and its software.


"e-ball club" -- the only way to promote OS and software. Here is a simple proposal of such club.

How to become member? User or developer should periodically make some work. For example, user can execute one of such tasks:

Rubber e-ball Golden e-ball
Publish articles/reviews 4 reviews/year 8 reviews/year
Development of app/driver 10 users 100 users
Site maintance 100 visitors/day 500 visitors/day
Annual payment (to make people select previous variants) 100 USD 500 USD

Privileges for members of e-ball club

Rubber e-ball Golden e-ball
Discounts for software purchase 10% 20%
Conferences tickets local continent other continent
The club investes into funds 100 USD 200 USD
Souvenirs for every season for summer summer and winter

Students / sci-tech labs -- the salvation of OS/2 platform

  • They are able bring "know-how"
  • They have spare time, learn computer science
  • They are open for everything new and ar able study OS/2 in short time
  • They have many friends which may be "infected"
  • They have parent which pay for bills
How to attract?
  • Let's declare eCS as "OS for students"
  • Accumulate math/chemical apps
  • Accumulate programs created by students
  • Give them old versions of eCS and OS/2

eComStation PC - the only way to deliver eCS to new users

  • Resellers order special software for eCS PC
  • No problems with LVM, ACPI
  • May reduce the price of eComStation
  • Allows sell eCS to new users

Commercialization -- the only way to attract new developers

  • If you open own company -- you take responsibility
  • All software should be valued. Declare price $10 but don't restrict user
  • Find like-minded person and found virtual company
  • Join small applications (0.1$ + 0.1$ + .. ) to large one.

What is the goal?

  • Developers from other OSes will see that we have strapping market and watch our platform.
  • Money is like blood.

4. Current goals

The strategic goal is brake the barriers. We should start preparation for this today.

Plan for year 2007 (list of applications and drivers which may/should be created, eCo Software is going create):

Operating system

  • JFS.IFS will be improved
  • Good VESA driver will be created (widescreen, overlays)
  • Large icons on desktop
  • More small PM system utilities and applications (10-20)
  • Multimedia subsystem improvements (Triton), 2-5 multimedia apps


  • More catalogue software (eSchemes Deluxe)
  • 1-2 developers from Win/Lin world may port medium applications to eCS

Device drivers:

  • Drivers/control applications for 20-30 types of USB devices
  • USB web-cameras will become supported

5. Conclusion

Let's look at the cycle of eCS life

  • Black pictures is the existing cycle: Government .. developers.. testers.. resellers.. users..
  • As you can see, we offer improve the critical nodes in eCS cycle. This improvements are drawed with red color. We suggest how to simplify and improve development of software, who may join community, how to bring money to eCS resellers.

Slogan: Let's create more original software for eCS users, then promote it on other markets to attract new users

6. Additional information


Test the program:

Widescreen activator - enable widescreen for Intel


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So, eComStation is installed but no time to teach your daugther/grandmother how to work with the computer? Here is LiveBook - print it and pass to new eCS user.


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