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OS/2 is a greatly different operating system for PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
Applications, news, reviews, support of users, hardware, questions and answers.
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Report: OS/2 compatible hardware

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OS/2 artefacts:


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How to post reports?

Please fill the form and send it to eCo Software via web-form


  • Post the final results, don't post bug-reports here. If you have troubles with Uniaud then post the bug-report to Uniaud bug-tracker (Register to login: here)


Description of hardware, author

Name of adapter / название HDAudio адаптера UniInfo.cmd is aimed to collect ID and name of the adapter, version of uniaud ..
Name of adapter, ProductID:VendorID VendorId:ProductID of audio adapter:

// use pci.exe to query id of audio adapter: pci >pci.log and search "audio" or "multimedia" // example: 8086:27D8

Username Username -- name of user, how to contact him if necessary Your name, [ ]

// Example: none // so we don't mention your name // We don't publish your e-mail

List of tested UNIAUD builds /
Какие версии uniaud вы тестировали


  • You can fill one form about Uniaud v.X then duplicate it and describe other versions of Uniaud v.New. Please post verified information only.
  • Economize your time, install Uniaud'2006 for AC97, SBLive, install Uniaud released in 2008/2009/2010 if you have HD Audio adapters.
better post date/temp of uniaud32.sys and uniaud16.sys / с какой версией uniaud тестировали (date и time .sys файлов)
Test applications:
  • kmp, mplayer виснут?
  • PM123
  • ecotunes виснет?
  • system sounds зацикливаются?
UNIAUD-20081230 ...

Additional information

ACPI Setup [ ]

// Example: Version: 3.14, doesn't influence // Example: SMP APIC mode, no troubles, ACPI.PSD /SMP /APIC /CD


Fields of database: 

2) Name of driver: [       ] 
// you can see the name on boot or unimix.exe -card
// example: Uniaud -> HDA Intel

2b) Name of mixer: [       ] 
// unimix.exe -card    // Mixer: ..
// example: Realtek ALC888

3) Version of uniaud: 
uniaud32.sys -- [       ]  // example: 1.1.4 RC7
uniaud16.sys -- [       ]
// bldlevel uniaud32.sys   // and read File Version
// bldlevel uniaud16.sys   // and read File Version

Your report:

4) General overview: [     ] 
// misc notes

6) pcmodel
Model of your PC: [    ]   // IBM Thinkpad T60
Model of motherboard: [    ]
// You can find motherboard model in this file: x:\var\log\1_ACPI.L1 -> [Systemboard info]

8) boot
Troubles on boot: [    ]
// example: boot is fast

9) System sounds: [    ]
// example: startup sound never ends, loop

10) Video player: 
kmp player: [     ]
warpvision: [     ] 
mplayer:    [     ] 
// example: kmp player hangs because of sound de-sync
// example: small .flv - ok, large .mpeg4 - hangs 

11) Internet radio:
ecotunes [    ] 
z!       [    ] 
// example: eCo Tunes starts to loop in 30 minutes

12) high cpu load [     ]
// example: if cpu is overloaded then uniaud traps

13) url: [     ]
// additional information (link to detailed report, discussion, etc)

14) settings for CRC



For dummies

Database of OS/2 compatible hardware


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