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OS/2 is a greatly different operating system for PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
Applications, news, reviews, support of users, hardware, questions and answers.
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New FAQ is here: www2.ecomstation.ru/ecsfaq

Unofficial Scitech SNAP FAQ by eCo Software


O f f i c i a l Scitech SNAP FAQ is here

U n o f f i c i a l FAQ

(Users paid money for SNAP but can't get support. We are obligated help to users)

Q1: Why Scitech didn't created good VESA driver?

A1: First of all,

  • We don't curse Scitech. But they made less things than we were expecting.
  • They burned the money earned from OS/2 to Linux version of the driver.

OK, why Fast VESA was not implemented in the past:

  • IBM doesn't care about details.
  • because customers need 2D acceleration (2D acceleration is faster than VESA, of course)
  • Scitech needs the money every month. Every year. If create usable VESA driver then the demand on 2D Accelerated may go down.


Q2: How to enable widescreen in SNAP?

A2: Follow this plan:

  • Screen properties, second page -> [x] Wide resolutions
  • If the desktop is larger than screen then try: gactrl -> choose lcd setting, CRT modes and then , disable expand screen
  • if this doesn't help then try: gaoption lcdusebios off (SNAP supports native panel programming for ATI, Intel chipsets, i.e. support for any desired resolution. To activate the native panel programming, the user has to set the SNAP option "lcdusebios"->"off")
  • If this doesn't help, widescreen is critical for you then try Panorama VESA + Widescreen activator


Q3: How to attach plasma panel?

A3: Disable DDC detect (it's buggy). Set resolution of plasma, refresh 60 HZ


Q4: The pointer was transformed into a big black square.

A4: Try this: Change with help of "gaoption" (in your snap-directory) the "acceleration"-option from "full" to "most".


Q5: How can I change fonts DPI: "small" (96dpi) or "large" (120dpi)?

A5: Change these defaults using environment variables in your CONFIG.SYS file. The following variables are supported:

   SET SDDFONTSIZE=[small | medium | large]
    	This option allows you to choose small, medium or large fonts. 
    	The default value if this environment variable is not set is determined 
    	by IBM's GRADD components.
  	SET SDDFONTDPI=[96 | 120]
    	This option allows you to change the logical Dots Per Pixel (DPI) setting 
    	used for matching logical font point sizes to pixel sizes.  Usually you 
    	would use 96 DPI for small fonts, and 120 DPI for large.  The default 
    	value if this environment variable is not set is determined  by 
    	IBM's GRADD components.
 		SET SDDICONS=[small | large]
    	This option allows you to change the size of icons on the PM desktop, 
    	and can be small (32x32) or large (40x40). The default value if this 
    	environment variable is not set is determined by IBM's GRADD components.
 		SET SDDHRES=[pels per meter horizontally]
    	This option allows you to manually set the Pels Per Meter (PPM) setting 
    	used to determine scaling between pixels and millimeters on the screen. 
    	Usually you would leave this option unset, and SDD will automatically 
    	compute the value of this setting based on the resolution and attached 
 		SET SDDVRES=[pels per meter vertically]
    	This option is the same as the above setting but used in the vertical 

   C-ENG-VIDEO-0321, 2008/01/19

Q6: Is it possible to install SNAP over Panorama VESA?

A6: Yes, simply run SNAP installer.

C-ENG-PANORAMA-1212, 2010/07/06


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