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OS/2 is a greatly different operating system for PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
Applications, news, reviews, support of users, hardware, questions and answers.
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August 24, 2006, JRescuer v.2.21

  • JRescuer can process image of damaged volume now
  • Implemented automatical search if allocation table is damaged
  • Added notification in the final of rescuing procedure

December 28, 2005, Version 2.30 fix

  • june.exe with correct icon
  • jfstools.dll fixed again

December 14, 2005, Version 2.30

  • june: Filter allows eliminate files which contain necessary string

November 27, 2005, Version 2.20

  • june: experimental support of NTFS unerase (it will be available as a separate product)
  • june: cache reset. should help to recover files removed some minutes ago.
  • jrescuer: a dialogue with user if superblock was not found

August 3, 2005, Version 2.00

  • JUne
  • Added jrescuer mode, show/recover files from damaged volumes
  • Added ability to work with physical partitions (without drive letters)
  • View windows (file view/EA view) modeless now, if view window is visible and user select another record in container, window will be filled with new content
  • Filter button on toolbar, with indication of filter activity
  • Improved About dialog

June 29, 2005, Version 1.90

  • JUne Version 1.90:
  • Progress indicator when saving files
  • Added filter
  • During scan, try to determine type of file, detect unrecoverable files
  • JRescuer: fixed output of JRescuer for lst2cmd.cmd

May 23, 2005, Version 1.50

  • JUne Version 1.50:
  • Added formatted view of extended attributes
  • Added name column, filled with inode number, or .LONGNAME EA if present
  • Added type column, filled with .TYPE EA if present
  • If .ICON EA is present, show this icon in container
  • Added ability to show/hide individual columns in container (menu View -> Visible columns)
  • During scan, show approximate percent of progress in status line
  • JRescuer: Bug related to /S switch was fixed

March 30, 2005

  • JRescuer: fix for japanese codepages

January 31, 2005, Version 1.10

  • * Undelete group of files to target directory as I<inode number>.RCN
  • * Settings are saved to OS2.INI
  • ! Warning if user is going to save files to the source JFS volume;
  • ! Bug: view of EA may cause a trap
  • ! don't show files of null size
  • ! Cancel of Scan is executed immediately now
  • * Detecting JFS partitions using JFSTools.dll

December 18, 2004

      Initial release of JUne
(english | russian)

October, 2001
Initial version of JRescuer


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