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OS/2 is a greatly different operating system for PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
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eComStation FAQ book

  • Name: eComStation Frequently Asked Questions
  • Pages: 223
  • Language: English
  • Price: 25 EURO, Mensys shop

Contents of the book (Main index):

A-1 Prior to Installing eComStation
A-2 Booting from eComStation Install CD
A-3 Installation Phase 1
A-4 Installation Phase 2
A-5 Advanced Install Features
A-6 Hardware Issues
A-7 Licensing

B-1 Configuring the System
B-2 Applications for eComStation
B-3 System Utilities
B-4 Networking
B-5 Printing
B-6 System Repair

C-2 IRQ control via ACPI
C-3 ACPI SMP guide
C-4 ACPI for computers with SCSI disks
C-6 ACPI driver FAQ
C-7 APM.ADD driver FAQ
C-8 ACPI Troubleshooting
C-9 APM Troubleshooting
C-10 ACPI: How to collect logs?
C-12 Common USB FAQ
C-13 Panorama VESA FAQ
C-14 Panorama VESA troubleshooting
C-15 Scitech FAQ

Full list of questions:

A-1 Prior to Installing eComStation

  • Q-01: What are eComStation system requirements?
  • Q-02: Is it possible to install eComStation if other Operating System is already present?
  • Q-03: Do I really need to install eComStation networking support?
  • Q-04: No floppy drive to store registration key file.
  • Q-05: How do I install eComStation from hard drive?
  • Q-06: How do I create first partition on a new hard drive? I've created a partition using LVM, installed OS. But it does not boot.
  • Q-07: Can't boot from Install CD. How do I create three install floppy disks?
  • Q-08: Do I have to reformat JFS volumes when migrating from OS/2 (MCP, ACP etc) to eComStation. Are the volumes compatible?
  • Q-09: Which controller should I use for IDE hard drive, optical drive?
  • Q-10: When installing on all SCSI system, Dani driver installs by default.
  • Q-11: Installing upon OS/2
  • Q-12: Installing upon previous eComStation version.
  • Q-13: Installing eComStation and Linux on one computer. In what sequence should I install OSes? Which boot manager to use?
  • Q-14: Installing eComStation, Linux and Windows on one hard drive.
  • Q-15: Is it possible to install using USB optical drive?
  • Q-16: What is the maximum amount of RAM and hard drive space eComStation supports?
  • Q-17: How do I install eComStation on compact flash memory card attached via IDE host interface?

A-2 Booting from eComStation Install CD

  • Q-01: System fails, hangs or freezes when booting from eComStation install CD.
  • Q-02: When booting from eComStation CD, system freezes after "Boot Options Menu" and eComStation logo.
  • Q-03: Error message "unable to reserve drive R" when booting from eComStation CD.
  • Q-04: CD boot hangs in MOUSE.SNP with mouse on COM1.
  • Q-05: IBMRSCSI.FLT driver not found.
  • Q-06: When running under Connectix VirtualPC (VPC/2), why can't I get it to boot from CD?
  • Q-07: Is Tekram SCSI controller supported in eComStation 1.1?
  • Q-08: How do I use additional driver with installer?
  • Q-09: Error message on boot: "eCS in unable to operate your hard disk or diskette drive. The system is stopped".
  • Q-10: Troubles with SCSI CD-ROM.
  • Q-11: SCSI controller (Adaptec) and SCSI optical drive: can't boot from eComStation CD. Get message: -- loading please wait --
  • Q-12: How do I know which drivers are loaded?
  • Q-13: Boot menu settings for my SCSI driver are not saved to config.sys file on install disk.
  • Q-14: Boot menu SCSI and IDE sequence can't be saved.
  • Q-15: CD-ROM disappears or booting from Install CD is slow.
  • Q-16: Booting stops and I get LOCATECD.SYS error message: "Insert eComStation CD and press any key"
  • Q-17: When installing eComStation, minilvm/lvm states partition table is corrupted, so I can't create partition.
  • Q-18: I get message: "Invalid system disk. Insert disk and restart system".
  • Q-19: System traps or hangs very quickly when booting from eComStation 1.1, 1.2 or 1.2R Install CD.
  • Q-20: Computer works slow during install
  • Q-21: CD1 doesn't boot. Booting stops at OS2LOGO
  • Q-23: I've booted from Install CD, can't see hard drive at all

A-3 Installation Phase 1

  • Q-01: USB mouse is not working when booting from Install CD1.
  • Q-02: Do I have to always perform long format (/L key)?
  • Q-03: On what volume should I install eComStation? What's maximum bootable volume size?
  • Q-04: I'm trying to create fourth Primary partition. But LVM creates Logical.
  • Q-05: LVM detects hard drive size incorrectly (17 GB instead of 120 GB)
  • Q-06: Can't format large hard disk.
  • Q-07: Unexpected I/O failures when copying files.
  • Q-08: Can't choose the volume I need.
  • Q-09: When choosing "Other (network) adapter" to load NIC drivers from CD, installer doesn't "see" them.
  • Q-10: Why are there such host name limitations?
  • Q-11: Some of my hardware was not detected by eComStation Hardware Detector.
  • Q-12: Error message when copying files to hard drive: "PHASE1 0x1604 An error occurred while executing ?:\esc\install\rsp\phase1.cmd 2>&1>?:\var\log\phase1.l1". Then installation stops.
  • Q-13: Error message: "PHASE1 0x1608 An error occurred while executing ?:\ecs\install\phase1.cmd 2>&1 >?:\var\log\phase1.|1"
  • Q-14: Error when copying files: "PHASE1 0x1600"
  • Q-15: When migrating, system seems to hang/freeze during Phase 1 or Phase 2.
  • Q-16: Error CAS0021 in PUTSTATEVAR.
  • Q-17: Why am I asked to input country info twice?
  • Q-18: Why do I have to input host and domain name twice?
  • Q-19: What format mode - quick or long - should I use?
  • Q-20: I've booted from CD, installation goes... At some moment picture disappears.

A-4 Installation Phase 2

  • Q-01: After Phase 1 completes and computer reboots, all I see is "OS20##" messages.
  • Q-02: I'm installing upon existing installation. The installer appears to hang during Phase 2 when trying to install the IBM Web Browser (or the feature installer).
  • Q-03: Installer seems to be hung when installing the peer service.
  • Q-04: After first reboot, I get error messages on Desktop.
  • Q-05: On first boot from hard drive I get message about error in PROTSHELL module.
  • Q-06: BootManager can't boot eComStation 1.2.
  • Q-07: System hangs when booting from hard drive for the first time (APM.SYS).
  • Q-08: System hangs when booting from hard drive on ThinkPad notebook.
  • Q-09: Error message "the OS2krnl can not be found." after installing eComStation 1.0, 1.1 or 1.2 on AMD Athlon 64 system.
  • Q-10: Screen goes black right after OS2LOGO
  • Q-11:Installer intermediate reboot problems eCS 2.0

A-5 Advanced Install Features

  • Q-01: How do I resume interrupted installation?
  • Q-02: Can I affect installation process?
  • Q-03: How can I contribute to eCS Hardware Database?
  • Q-04: CID programs return codes. When viewing \var\log\cidwrp.log file, I found this:
  • Q-05: Why so does installer reboot so many times?
  • Q-06: How do I use "Install via response file" method?

A-6 Hardware Issues

  • Q-01: Device (SCSI controller) isn't working in eCS but works fine in WSeB.
  • Q-02: Where can I find out more about supported (and unsupported) devices?
  • Q-03: Installer didn't detect my hardware.
  • Q-04: What about AMD64 support?
  • Q-05: Can I burn disks in eComStation?
  • Q-06: What video cards are supported?
  • Q-07: What USB devices are supported?
  • Q-08: What about SATA controllers support in eComStation?
  • Q-09: What is ATA, ATAPI?
  • Q-10: Is Bluetooth supported?
  • Q-11: Is IDE RAID supported?
  • Q-12: What printers are supported?
  • Q-13: Are SMP systems supported?
  • Q-14: Can I install eComStation on XEON4-HT machines?
  • Q-15: I am using a KVM switch. Can that cause any problems?
  • Q-16: Are scanners supported?
  • Q-17: How do I get two or more COM-ports through USB?
  • Q-18: How do I allocate PCI devices that occupy one IRQ?
  • Q-19: What printers are supported?
  • Q-20: What computer is compatible with eComStation?
  • Q-21: System traps when loading infrared port driver
  • Q-22: How do I make 500 GB hard drive work with eComStation?
  • Q-23: What SCSI adapters are supported by eComStation?

A-7 Licensing

  • Q-01: Can you publish information on my eCS or OS/2 product/solution?
  • Q-02: What Java versions are available for eComStation?
  • Q-03: I've purchased one license to use German eComStation version and a CD, containing English version. Can I install both versions on one computer?
  • Q-04: I've purchased 1.2 update to install on a new machine (I already have eComStation 1.1 license). Do I have to install eCS 1.1 first and then update to 1.2?
  • Q-05: Are client licenses included in "eComStation, Server Edition" price?
  • Q-06: Can I use Innowin library separately from Innotek OpenOffice.org?
  • Q-07: In which languages is eComStation available?
  • Q-08: What are the differences between client (Merlin) and server (Aurora) edition of OS/2?
  • Q-09: Do I have to purchase an SMP kernel license if my system is based on AMD Dual Core or Intel HT CPU?
  • Q-10: Can I run OS/2 applications in eComStation. Can I use eComStation instead of OS/2?

B 1 Configuring the System

  • Q-01: What happened to the browser? Why do I get only the old Netscape 4.61 browser in my system?
  • Q-02: ShutDown application: when I shut down computer with applications that work on other virtual desktops, their coordinates are not saved.
  • Q-03: Traps when shutting down system. When I press Ctrl+Alt+Del, driver SIO2K causes system fall.
  • Q-04: config.sys line containing NTFS.IFS driver is commented. Can I use the driver?
  • Q-05: Can't kill eCenter.
  • Q-06: KVM switch causes troubles with mouse on high screen resolution.
  • Q-07: Computer does not shut down automatically.
  • Q-08 How do I install audio drivers after system installation is complete?
  • Q-09: Multimedia objects' icons are gone.
  • Q-10: System traps frequently (trap 8 etc).
  • Q-11: Where should I install WarpOverlay! and put it's key file?
  • Q-12: Is it possible to change the boot logo?
  • Q-13: Is there a keyboard layout indicator?
  • Q-14: Settings notebooks look huge. Multimedia Settings notebook is huge (screen resolution is 1600x1200).
  • Q-15: Settings notebook for Connection and Sharing looks and behaves unusually.
  • Q-16: Where's IBM BonusPak installed?
  • Q-17: How do I install and set up Java in Mozilla 1.x browser?
  • Q-18: REXX .cmd files don't run anymore.
  • Q-19: I've forgotten admin password. Help me!
  • Q-20: VER prints incorrect system version info.
  • Q-21: I want to replace OS kernel. What options are available?
  • Q-22: Tell me about the purpose of some system files and drivers.
  • Q-23: Icons move down on every boot.
  • Q-24: USB drives low transfer rate (even with different USBMSD drivers).
  • Q-25: How do I revert to VGA (manually)?
  • Q-26: How can I install networking support after system installation?
  • Q-27: Where can I get OS updates and components?
  • Q-28: No sound when playing Audio Cds.
  • Q-29: LVM reports of additional drive with corrupted partition table.
  • Q-30: When I open a folder with large-sized Win32 executables, WPS freezes for a long time.
  • Q-31: After migration, driver IBM1S506.ADD is used instead of DANIS506.ADD.
  • Q-32: How do I change keyboard layout? How do I change mouse scrolling settings?
  • Q-33: MP3 support:
  • Q-34: Letter for CD drive has changed, and CD-Audio Drive S: remains the same.
  • Q-35: No sound when I open/close folders.
  • Q-36: Sound interrupts at the middle when I close system.
  • Q-37: How do I enable Russian support in English eComStation (client or server)?
  • Q-38: How do I switch to English in WIN-OS2 in eCS/Rus 1.1?
  • Q-39: System does not run applications, files do not open, previously unknown error messages appear all the time.
  • Q-40: How do I know system start up time?
  • Q-41: How do I change default font (System Proportional %size%pt)?
  • Q-42: Driver UDF 2.1.5 and writing DVD-RW: slow DVD-RW formatting and writing.
  • Q-43: Can I make single CPU work in SMP mode?
  • Q-44: Can't install audio driver.
  • Q-45: Why the keyboard layout is set to 443?
  • Q-46: Why does BootManager think that bootable JFS volume has HPFS file system?
  • Q-47: Why do I have to make JFS volume for system installation DOS-compatible, not LVM?
  • Q-48: Can Windows damage bootable JFS volume?
  • Q-49: Why the attributes Hidden, Archive and System are set for root directory of BootJFS?
  • Q-50: Is it possible to use JFS on old computers?
  • Q-51: I've installed a new WarpIn installer version. Since then, any attempt to install anything causes an installer error.
  • Q-52: How do I set default properties for all folders?
  • Q-53: What are the differences between eWorkPlace and XWorkPlace?
  • Q-54: Mouse object from folder System Setup has disappeared.
  • Q-55: chkdsk reports there's not enough memory.
  • Q-56: How do I change the key combination that switches keyboard layout (say, from Alt+Shift to Ctrl+Shift)?
  • Q-57: Is line order in CONFIG.SYS important?
  • Q-58: What is the maximum size of HPFS volume?
  • Q-59: How do I enable Ukrainian support in eComStation?
  • Q-60: Will old OS/2 Warp application run in eComStation?
  • Q-61: When eComStation boots, it beeps (when showing OS2LOGO)
  • Q-62: eComStation hot keys
  • Q-63: How do I add a font to the system?
  • Q-64:How do I setup mouse scrolling?
  • Q-65: How to restore eCenter to initial state?
  • Q-66: Where can I download eComStation kernel?

B-2 Applications for eComStation

  • Q-01: Installation of Embellish
  • Q-02: What MP3 audio players would you recommend?
  • Q-03: Can't install MMAudio Pack in eCS 1.2.
  • Q-04: What should I do if RSJ has "eaten" my CD-ROM letter?
  • Q-05: OpenOffice.org 1.1.x: How do I register OpenOffice.org? Why do I get empty PDFs?
  • Q-06: Can't install Lotus SmartSuite on a machine with large RAM amount.
  • Q-07: When printing, imported picture has a (color) background, though original picture has white background.
  • Q-08: How do I preform merge in WordPro?
  • Q-09: Error when loading OS2ASPI.DMD and RSJSCSI.SYS drivers.
  • Q-10: My XYZ application does not work after migration.
  • Q-11: What is HOBLink X/11?
  • Q-12: What application works with file that has extension XYZ?
  • Q-13: What HTTP server would you recommend?
  • Q-14: Bonuses for eComStation users.
  • Q-15: What about Remote Desktop connection?
  • Q-16: How do I test my hardware on OS start?
  • Q-17: How do I make a screen shot?
  • Q-18: How do I use PSI/2?
  • Q-19: I've occasionally deleted eCenter using delobjs.cmd. How do I restore it?
  • Q-20: What are eComStation's specific formats file extensions?
  • Q-21: FT2Lib causes Mozilla freeze.
  • Q-22: How to install VoiceType?
  • Q-23: What applications are "Must Have" for eComStation?
  • Q-24: What office suite is best for me - OpenOffice.org or Lotus SmartSuite?
  • Q-25: What are VBox virtual machine system requirements?
  • Q-26: How do I run Thunderbird and Firefox simultaneously?
  • Q-27: Browser tips and tricks.
  • Q-28: How do I run Java applications?
  • Q-29: Working with Odin

B-3 System Utilities

  • Q-01: How do I use Icon Editor? How do I make a 40x40 icon?
  • Q-02: How do I edit .ini files?
  • Q-03: How do I format CD-RW or DVD-RW disk as UDF?
  • Q-04: Why there's no TRACERT program in eComStation?
  • Q-05: EscapeGL screensaver does not work.
  • Q-06: How do I re-initialize SciTech SNAP driver (after I've selected unsupported refresh rate)?
  • Q-07: Does SciTech driver support widescreen modes?
  • Q-08: UniAud does not support MIDI. Can't play MIDI files if UniAud driver installed.
  • Q-09: System programs were installed to other directories.
  • Q-10: eComStation remote reboot.
  • Q-11: How do I unmount USB flash drive without WPS?
  • Q-12: What is the purpose of RESERVEDRIVELETTER?
  • Q-13: Troubles with UniAud driver.
  • Q-14: Is there some utility that can display which DLL the exe file wants?

B-4 Networking

  • Q-01: Accessing Windows 2003 resources in the peer-to-peer network.
  • Q-02: MPTS loads and traps
  • Q-03: Error message about \IBMLAN\NETPROG\NETWKSTA.200 during boot.
  • Q-04: How do I install Network Support?
  • Q-05: Windows XP problems when accessing eCS resources: problems with connecting, problems with files deletion.
  • Q-06: Error message about NETBIOS.OS2 and LANVDD.OS2:
  • Q-07: Is there a firewall in eComStation?
  • Q-08: How do I check if the network works?
  • Q-09: Error message: DHCPSTRT: DHCP client did not get parameters. DHCPSTRT.
  • Q-10: Error message during boot: "DHCP server not found".
  • Q-11: After I've run MPTS, network does not work.
  • Q-12: Error message: "Can not start local TCP/IP configuration notebook,
  • Q-13: When viewing Win2k/XP network disks from WPS, only root directories are visible.
  • Q-14: Connecting to a peer-to-peer network
  • Q-15: Connecting to a network with server.
  • Q-16: How do I know TCP/IP stack version?
  • Q-17: How do I use more than one route to connect to the Internet?
  • Q-18: What for are the Lan0 .. Lan7 interfaces?
  • Q-19: What for do I need assigning different numbers for protocols with one network adapter in MPTS?
  • Q-20: Error message when I'm trying to change autodisconnect parameter in x:\ibmlan\ibmlan.ini file.
  • Q-21: Web browser does not resolve site names. How do I specify DNS-server to the system?
  • Q-22: NetBEUI installation in Windows XP.
  • Q-23: Problems with network adapter driver installation.
  • Q-24: How do I install network services manually?
  • Q-25: I've set up network (I've chosen TCPBEUI for compatibility with Windows), but still can't connect to other machines in the network.
  • Q-26: Accessing computer with shared resources over IP-address.
  • Q-27: Can Novell Client work using IP?
  • Q-28: How do I assign more than one ip-address to a network card?
  • Q-29: What remote desktop control solutions are available for eComStation?
  • Q-30: How do I start network services automatically?
  • Q-31: How do I change one network card's driver to another by pressing only one button?
  • Q-32: How do I know the speed my network adapters work with?
  • Q-33: I'm behind the router. How do I know my external IP?
  • Q-34: What do I need to install to make Named Pipes work?
  • Q-35: How do I protect eComStation? How do I setup firewall?
  • Q-36: Is there a TCPDUMP utility in eComStation?
  • Q-37: Using a printer, connected to unix-computer
  • Q-38 eComStation in Windows 2003 domain.
  • Q-39: TCP/IP message: no buffer space available
  • Q-40: How do I set up pppoe connection?
  • Q-42: I've added a network adapter driver, now I can't load MTPS.
  • Q-43: Will you fix NET3101 error?
  • Q-44: How do I change computer's name?
  • Q-45: How do I disable networking?
  • Q-46: What are the advantages of NETBIOS protocol (compare with NetBIOS over TCIP/IP)?
  • Q-47: How do I setup TCP? How do I run different network services?
  • Q-48: How to install NETBIOS protocol in WinXP?
  • Q-49: eComStation can't access deep directories of WinXP Home

B-5 Printing

  • Q-01: How do I disable print spooler?
  • Q-02: How do I delete printer object?
  • Q-03: 100% CPU load when printing.
  • Q-04: 100% system load when sending file to LPT.
  • Q-05: How do I print .prn file?
  • Q-06: How do I print a picture?
  • Q-07: How do I convert a document to PDF?
  • Q-08: Prinring RAW-data using IP
  • Q-09: How do I stop a print job?
  • Q-10: How to research printer problems?

B-6 System Repair

  • Q-01: Can I use old CDs to repair eComStation 1.2?
  • Q-02: Can't boot from bootable JFS volume.
  • Q-03: When booting OS, chkdsk works for too long, then system reboots.
  • Q-04: eComStation does not boot! What can be the reason?

C-6 ACPI driver FAQ

  • Q-01: What is ACPI?
  • Q-02: Please, explain abbreviations and terms related to ACPI
  • Q-03: Is it necessary disable APM driver before installation of ACPI driver?
  • Q-04: What are we testing? Where to report traps?
  • Q-05: How to setup BIOS setup for better compatibility with ACPI.PSD?
  • Q-06: Does it matter how to add ACPI lines to config.sys?
  • Q-07: How many CPUs does eComStation support?
  • Q-08: acpitest application doesn't catch Power/Sleep button
  • Q-09: Does ACPI driver replace pciconf.snp?
  • Q-10: What is CPU throttling?
  • Q-11: Booting eComStation: acpica.add is not booted because of an error
  • Q-12: A device doesn't work after boot with ACPI driver
  • Q-13: Computer works worse when booting with ACPI driver.
  • Q-14: How to generate .dsl file?
  • Q-15: Does ACPI driver support APM standards: Intel Centrino, Cool'n'Quiet, VIA?
  • Q-16: Does ACPI driver allows control IRQs above 16?
  • Q-17: Does ACPI driver initializes SMP?
  • Q-18: Does ACPI support changing of cooler speed depending on CPU temperature?
  • Q-19: What are the improvements in eCS 2.0 to support modern hardware?
  • Q-20: eCenter shows high IRQ load (red line). Someting is wrong?
  • Q-21: Does debug version of ACPI.PSD support logging to COM port?
  • Q-22: Battery shows 90% but indicator of charging is switched off
  • Q-23: Trap E in NVCHOOK (Norman Virus Control driver)
  • Q-24: What happens if loading ACPI driver on computer with old ACPI (or without ACPI)?
  • Q-25: Is there reason why ACPICA.ADD got the extension '.ADD'?
  • Q-26: How to boot ACPI with original IBM OEMHLP$ driver?
  • Q-27: Existing multiprocessor servers work with OS2APIC.PSD. Why do I need ACPI.PSD?
  • Q-28: Why ACPI is working fine on any Win computer and worse in eComStation?
  • Q-29: What is the difference between ACPI.PSD and OS2APIC.PSD?
  • Q-30: I had the feeling the test of ACPI was a waste of my time and a waste of the developer too, if I send an test-report.
  • Q-31: Do multiprocessor computers give increase of performance?
  • Q-32: I can't boot with psd=acpi.psd /SMP. What to do?
  • Q-33: What is the advantage of APIC mode?
  • Q-34: I should describe all devices using /B: option?
  • Q-35: Why HT is not stable?
  • Q-36: Does ACPI touch IDE controller?
  • Q-37: Old version of ACPI.PSD was working better.
  • Q-38: PCI.EXE hangs on my computer
  • Q-40: How to run ACPI.PSD on PC with NVidia chipset?
  • Q-41: What will happen with IRQ configuration after reboot?
  • Q-42: Does Warp W4 / UNI kernel supports IRQ >15?
  • Q-43: Some computers support more than 72 IRQs. The kernel supports 48.
  • Q-44: Is it possible to use SATA harddisk in APIC mode?
  • Q-45: Is it necessary update OEMHLP2.SYS driver?
  • Q-46: Are you going rewrite resource.sys?
  • Q-47: eComStation 2.0: is it necessary remove all snoopers from snoop.lst?
  • Q-48: Is it possible change throttling&speedstep for one CPU and don't change for the second?
  • Q-49: Does ACPI driver have SMBus support?
  • Q-50: Some devices switch to sleep while working with eComStation in random moments
  • Q-51: Why ACPI is implemented as PSD driver? and not as resource.sys snooper?
  • Q-52: When does REMAP fail?
  • Q-53: How to present multiprocessor computer?
  • Q-54: Which tools and utilities do I need to configure ACPI?
  • Q-55: How to run PC in APIC mode?
  • Q-56: Is it dangerous that some devices occupy IRQ48 or higher?
  • Q-57: Can I control thermal stuff in my PC via ACPI?
  • Q-58: Cooler on CPU is very loud, how can you help me?
  • Q-59: Old application doesn't work on SMP machine. How to run it?
  • Q-60: My ACPI table is broken. What to do?
  • Q-61: How to load ACPI.PSD but don't start ACPI?
  • Q-62: Does ACPI touches PCI space?
  • Q-63: How to use old drivers in APIC mode?
  • Q-64: Does Hyper Threading enabled helps performance?
  • Q-65: Do I need ACPI.PSD? My computer was manufactured in 200x
  • Q-66: Can you patch Intel ACPI CA code?
  • Q-67: Do you accept memory dumps (in case of trap)?
  • Q-68: Why /EIS switch is not used by default?
  • Q-69: Why support of APIC is important? Why allow to every user activate it?
  • Q-70: Which switches to use during eCS 2.0 installation?
  • Q-71: Why every new version of ACPI has new switches?
  • Q-72: My PC works fine with ACPI.PSD v.old, but doesn't work with ACPI.PSD v.latest
  • Q-73: What is the purpose of PCI Scaner in ACPI?
  • Q-74: Does ACPI make work of eComStation kernel?
  • Q-75: How to run PC with 1 CPU in APIC mode?
  • Q-76: Power object doesn't allow switch mode of performance
  • Q-77: What is the purpose of new pcibus.snp?
  • Q-78: How to uninstall ACPI.PSD?
  • Q-79: Thinkpad "Battery optimized" mode doesn't work if using ACPI.PSD

C-7 APM.ADD driver FAQ

  • Q-01: I have old notebook. Can I use suspend/resume with APM.ADD?
  • Q-02: What is the purpose of ACPI deamon?
  • Q-03: Can I use APM.ADD without ACPI driver?
  • Q-04: How to prolong the time of work on battery? How to save battery?
  • Q-05: Are you going support Hybernate?
  • Q-06: Cooler on CPU is very loud, how can you help me?
  • Q-07: Does 8233cool APM driver coexist with ACPI driver?
  • Q-08: Which Sleep states exist?
  • Q-09: Basic ACPI APM.ADD is working bad. Battery widget hangs, etc.
  • Q-10: How to start ACPIDAEMON?
  • Q-11: What is the purpose of acpidaemon
  • Q-12: How the suspend-resume is performed in eComStation?

C-9 APM Troubleshooting

  • Q-01: Trap before PMSHELL
  • Q-02: Which applications/drivers are not compatible with APM.ADD?
  • Q-03: Trap on suspend to S1
  • Q-04: Power Off hangs notebook
  • Q-05: Suspend hangs
  • Q-06: Power Off doesn't work
  • Q-07: Battery widget shows 255%
  • Q-08: Battery widget shows E87
  • Q-09: Shutdown doesn't work properly


  • Q-01: JRescuer crashes on the recovering of N-th file
  • Q-02: What are the requirements of JRescuer if no JFS.IFS loaded
  • Q-03: How to make JRescuer process linux JFS volumes?
  • Q-04: I am lazy to read documentation. How to recover files from x: volume?
  • Q-05: Can I use JFS filesystem on USBMSD devices?
  • Q-06: The root directory is not available. How to recover files?
  • Q-07: Can chkdsk intensify the state of damaged JFS volume?
  • Q-08: How to recover a file from JFS which is now 0 bytes long because
  • Q-09: Which value of /CACHE:x to use for JFS.IFS?
  • Q-10: Chkdsk returns error JFS0138
  • Q-12: No valid superblocks.
  • Q-13: Trap 3. Validfs.exe runned after chkdsk /f doesn't report that
  • Q-14: Is there an ifs for Windows to read jfs?
  • Q-15: Can you save the fullpath of file to .LONGNAME?
  • Q-16: How many disk space the .LONGNAME requires?
  • Q-17: Can I use Defragfs.exe for JFS?
  • Q-18: JRescuer returns error "INODE: Error reading iag"
  • Q-19: I have removed a file one minute ago. JUne didn't found it!
  • Q-20: Why JRescuer and JUne don't lock the volume while processing it?
  • Q-21: JRescuer returns error "##### NotConventions", where ##### is some number.
  • Q-22: JRescuer returns error "##### NotConventions" for all files and directories, where ##### is some number.
  • Q-23: Error: GetXtree: Error create file Restored.From.JFS, rc=5 action=65535
  • Q-24: JUne traps on spanned JFS disk.
  • Q-25: Why the size of swap file on JFS can't exceed 2 Gb?
  • Q-26: I copied small icon from network drive to E:, removed it. JUne can't find the file.
  • Q-27: Why do you work on JRescuer? Concentrate on JFS.IFS improvement!
  • Q-28: How to avoid data loss?
  • Q-29: JFS Lazywrite parameters in CONFIG.SYS

C-12 Common USB FAQ

  • Q-01: I want attach USB 2.0 device to USB 1.1 controller. Will it work?
  • Q-02: Can I disconnect an USB device embedded in my notebook?
  • Q-03: I have 1 USB controller, can I attach 127 USB devices?
  • Q-04: How many USB controllers in my PC?
  • Q-05: I have USB 2.0 flash disk. How to attach it to USB 2.0 controller?
  • Q-06: What is the speed of USB 2.0?
  • Q-07: How to improve USB 2.0 read performance:
  • Q-08: What to know about writing to USB flash disks
  • Q-09: What to know about OS/2 USB 2.0 EHCI driver
  • Q-10: Rules how to improve OS/2 write speed to an USB flash disk?
  • Q-11: USB doesn't work

C-13 Panorama VESA FAQ

  • Q-00: Do I need Panorama VESA?
  • Q-00: How to query the version of Panorama VESA?
  • Q-01: Which driver is faster? Panorama VESA, SNAP 2D accelerated, Scitech-VESA, GENGRAD?
  • Q-02: Does Panorama VESA give performance increase on video adapters with Shared Memory?
  • Q-03: How to enable Widescreen modes?
  • Q-04: Why Dive can't be accelerated in VESA driver?
  • Q-05: Memory requirements for Panorama VESA?
  • Q-06: Does Panorama support VGA, DVI connectors?
  • Q-07: Does Panorama use Scitech SNAP drivers, or is it standalone driver?
  • Q-08: Panorama requires ACPI.PSD. Can I run without ACPI.PSD?
  • Q-09: Panorama VESA is generating wrong picture.
  • Q-10: What is Shadow buffer?
  • Q-11: What is the maximum resolution/color depth and refresh rate?
  • Q-12: Why no support for VESA 3.0?
  • Q-13: What are the restrictions/disadvantages of Panorama VESA?
  • Q-14: Why Panorama VESA is equipped with own GRADD.SYS?
  • Q-15: Please give me access to Shadow buffer. I want accelerate my application
  • Q-16: How to increase the performance of Panorama VESA?
  • Q-17: The switch LCD / external monitor doesn't work
  • Q-18: How to backup SNAP before testing Panorama VESA?
  • Q-19: How to develop DIVE applications compatible with Panorama VESA?
  • Q-20: Can I find a driver like Panorama VESA in other OS?
  • Q-21: How to convince that Panorama VESA is different from SDDGRAD?
  • Q-22: Does Panorama VESA support output to external monitor?
  • Q-23: How to install Panorama VESA from eCS 2.0 CD1?
  • Q-24: How to buy new LCD and video adapter?

C-14 Panorama VESA troubleshooting

  • Q-01: I installed Panorama VESA. Traps in display, etc.
  • Q-02: Trap on boot, hang
  • Q-03: gradd.log contains errors, GENGRAD is loaded, not VBE2GRAD
  • Q-04: Trap in PMI1002.DLL during boot to desktop

C-15 Scitech FAQ

  • Q-01: Why Scitech didn't created good VESA driver?
  • Q-02: How to enable widescreen in SNAP?
  • Q-03: How to attach plasma panel?
  • Q-04: The pointer was transformed into a big black square.
  • Q-05: How can I change fonts DPI: "small" (96dpi) or "large" (120dpi)?



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