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OS/2 is a greatly different operating system for PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
Applications, news, reviews, support of users, hardware, questions and answers.
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eComStation 2.x Known issues
The page is maintained by eCo Software


eComStation 2.2 beta 2

  • Read eCS 2.2 beta README
  • If hard drive is not visible, seems that BIOS Setup -> SATA = AHCI (not Compatible). eCS CD1 Preboot menu -> activate OS2AHCI driver
  • If hang at OS2LOGO then restart eCS installation in Legacy mode, without ACPI driver
  • Disable UEFI in "BIOS Setup". (= Activate Legacy mode). Sometimes you should switch several options.


eComStation 2.1 GA

Mouse Troubles with mouse (buttons don't work). Solution: try different mouse driver: AMouse, .. Edit CONFIG.SYS, change mouse.sys to amouse.sys

read more

Runtimes Update eCo Software runtime
ACPI Downgrade OS2KRNL is going test ACPI 3.14 .. 3.18 (it's easy install other kernel via eCo Market, .wpi packages)
SATA controller Switch SATA controller to Compatible mode (via BIOS Setup). Test later AHCI driver.
Hangs, slow If the PC hangs, works slow or .. then disable USB controllers

eComStation 2.0 GA

Do you have problems with Network (slow, no connection, ..), Audio (hangs, clicks, ..), USB (attached devices are not visible, slow work, etc)? Configuring ACPI driver for eComStation 2.0
Repeating Desktop sounds. Solution: a) Disable system sounds (Local System -> System Setup -> Sound) b) try other version of UNIAUD sound driver. Mensys doesn't recommend use old UNIAUD builds.
All users with Thinkpad notebooks by default all devices are using IRQ11. This may cause hangs, slow down of work. Solution: a) disable some devices, b) then install ACPI.PSD to manage IRQs or activate SMP APIC mode. (Read reports from other users)
Hang on SCREEN01.SYS driver Solution: Try boot eCS without ACPI driver.
eCenter hangs on boot (Battery widget is the cause) ACPI doesn't work with on your notebook

Solution: a) disable ACPI driver, b) then try ACPI 3.14

High load of CPU (cause: Drivers nVidia network cards) Solution: Use old drivers v. 0.0.5 from hobbes. source
Damage of disk volumes The problems may occur if you have used disk tools from Linux distros in the past.

(in circumstances yet to be determined) Starting the installation of eComStation 2.0 can damage the contents of the hard drive. Solution: Make backup of all important data before installation, or install eCS on new harddrive.

Windows 7 If you install eComStation on computer with Windows 7/ Vista then don't use BootManager, install AirBoot
Sliding desktop "Every time I boot up, my desktop shifts up a few pixels." Read more, Use this package to fix the problem: fpos080.zip
More known issues:



eComStation 2.0 ANY VERSION

If you have HDAudio adapter and there are random hangs then disable UNIAUD in config.sys


eComStation 2.0 RC7

  • Fixing a "missing LVM fingerprint" may damage your volumes, PLEASE, press Ctrl-Break to stop the utility and continue installation.
  • Mouse doesn't work in Win-OS/2 sessions. Fix: Add to config.sys line: device=x:\os2\mdos\vmouse.sys

    Also to increase mouse stability add: DEVICE=x:\OS2\BOOT\POINTDD.SYS

  • disable FWIP.SYS in CONFIG.SYS else you can't connect to remote resources of IBM Peers network

eComStation 2.0 RC6a

  • Installer, network setup: Use DHCP during install and set the static IP with tcpcfg2.cmd after installation is finished.
  • After: USBRESMGR.SYS not in config.sys file
  • Shutdown doesn't work, change properties of eShutdown (read more)
  • If you select SMP then check than AMOUSE.SYS driver has switch SMP (SMP, not /SMP)
  • a) disable FWIP.SYS in CONFIG.SYS else you can't connect to remote resources of IBM Peers network. b) You can also just disable (or not autostart) the firewall of course.

eComStation 2.0 RC5

  • (2008/07/07) Hang on NETBIND.EXE

    Check your CONFIG.SYS

    N lines..

    this is wrong! always push helperw.exe to the top of config.sys!

eComStation 2.0 RC4, RC5

  • (2008/06) eComStation doesn't work on computers with AMD chipset in SMP mode. Don't spend time to the experiments.
  • (2008/06) If you have HDAudio sound-adapter and boot uniaud driver then (you can see the model of audio during system boot or if execute: unimix.exe -card) * if eComStation hangs suddenly OR CPU is overloaded/runs up without reason then rem uniaud in x:\CONFIG.SYS

    Boot eComStation again. If the problem repeats then post report to ACPI or Panorama VESA bug-tracker.

  • If system stops at NETBIND or before WPS, If using Bootable JFS and you tried all other suggestions then boot from eComStation 2.0 CD1 and fix bootable volume: chkdsk x: /f

eComStation 2.0 RC4

  • JFS.IFS and NTFS.IFS should be loaded first. HPFS.IFS *after* JFS and NTFS. else system traps. And users can't understand why.

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