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ACPI DB - fill the form

  Date: 2009-05-04 02:26:04
Correspondent: Eugene Gorbunoff

eCo Software needs help, let's collect the information about ACPI.PSD support of your PC one more time. The goal - create the database for eCS installer, so ACPI may be configured automatically.

Yes, there are several databases with such information,
Yes, every user posted this information several times, but processing/sorting of this data will require huge efforts. (databases -> Tested hardware)

  • ACPI Matrix -- users fill the information immediately after eCS installation. So this information is preliminary.
  • The listings of motherboards and noetbooks on - the users describe the whole computer and don't write details about ACPI.
  • Short list - short information
  • bug-tracker - contains description of problems, not solutions.

So, if ACPI works on your PC then spend 5 minutes and fill the form form

send it via:


Peter Kumpf
2009-07-14 22:10:37


Please fill the form and post it to



* Post the final results, don't post bug-reports here.

If you have troubles with ACPI then post the bug-report to

ACPI bug-tracker: [url]

* We are collecting information about ACPI versions: 3.05, 3.09 and 3.14.

You can fill one form about ACPI.PSD 3.14 then duplicate it and describe other

versions of ACPI. Please post verified information only.

Fields of database:

1) Model

Manufacturer of PC

[Dell] // Example: ASUS, LENOVO

Model name:

[Inspiron 5150] // Example: Thinkpad T40, Eee PC 901, etc.

2) Model of motherboard (PC)

[manufacturer: Dell Computer Corporation]


// You can find motherboard model in this file: x:\var\log\1_ACPI.L1 -> [Systemboard info]

3) Version of ACPI

Examples: 3.09, 3.14,


4) Kernel, mode

kernel type, qty of CPUs, PIC or APIC mode



5) deadend -- if PC doesn't work in this mode then write: "not supported",

no need to fill other (below) fields in this case.

Example: /SMP /APIC is not supported

[ - ]

6) Files

* username -- name of user, how to contact him if necessary

Example: none // so we don't mention your name

[Peter Kumpf - Palekum at gmx dot de]

// we don't publish your e-mail.

* acpi.psd -- exact line with ACPI.PSD in CONFIG.SYS


you can use REM to keep notes


* bios setup -- changes made in BIOS Setup, version of BIOS setup (if the upgrade helped)

Example: APIC mode started to work after BIOS upgrade

[ ]

* config.sys -- extra modifications to config.sys

form: any text form

[ ]

* scsi -- remarks if scsi is used

form: any text form

[ ]

* poweroff -- remarks how to fix poweroff

Example: Power Off works always very well

Example: Power Off fails in 50% of cases

[Power Off works works always very well BUT NEEDS A LOT OF TIME (after screen is off >15 seconds nothing happens]

* usb-controllers -- order of USB controllers

form: 1:1 from config.sys

you can use REM to keep notes

[ ]

* acpi.cfg -- options modified by you in acpi.cfg (boot options)

form: it will be pasted to acpi.cfg

[ ]

* acpid.cfg -- options modified by you in acpid.cfg (daemon setup)

form: it will be pasted to acpid.cfg

[ ]

* temperature -- can you monitor the temperature of CPU using ACPI utils?

form: any text form

[ ]

* url -- additional information (link to detailed report, discussion, etc)

form: any text form

[ ]

* notes -- misc notes

form: any text form

[Suspend didn't work]

Eugene Gorbunoff
2009-07-14 22:35:43


To other users: please send this info via special web-form.

Test the program:

How to mount encrypted disk? NDCrypt - plugin for NetDrive.

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