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eComStation is a greatly different operating system for PC (IBM OS/2 Warp)
Applications, news, reviews, support of users, hardware, questions and answers.
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History of changes

Version 0.09.00 (2016/11/15)

  • Now, if there is no marked archive items, all operations are applied to the currently selected item.
  • Commands that allow extract, test or remove a currently selected archive item are added to the archive context menu.
  • Fixed program crash after pressing the F1 key.
  • Fixed program crash after pressing "Remove" button if there is not any open archive

Version 0.08.01

  • Location of the directory used to hold temporary files can be changed via configuration dialog.
  • Correctly extracts boot images containing a boot information table from ISO9660 files.
  • Fixed WPS associations and integration during program installation.

Zippy 0.07.00 (2014/05/22)

  • Added full support of drag and drop. You can drag and drop archived files or directories to any WPS folder or trash can. You can also drag and drop any WPS folder or file to Zippy window to update or create new archive.
  • Added new check box to the extraction dialog that allows to show the destination folder after extracting.
  • Now if you mark archive item holding down SHIFT key, you can mark a group of items. Also you can mark or unmark all items of the current container view using CTRL+/ keys.
  • Added option that allow reuse one password in all archive operations. This is simplifies usage of encrypted archives.
  • Now, if you add a files with partial paths to opened archive, they are added to current selected directory.
  • The newly created archive is now loaded into the browser after the finish of file compression.
  • Optimized memory usage.

Zippy 0.06.00 (2013/10/24)

  • The power of the command line has increased significantly. Use zippy /? to see help.
  • Significantly increase the speed of opening the archives.
  • Now hides compression setup dialog after using it at compression that is started from folder's context menu.
  • Does not save the root "\" anymore if archive with full paths created.
  • Fixed generating a compression error of files that are forbidden to read in case they excluded from directory which is compressed.
  • Fixed SYS3170 at Zippy exiting on some computers.
  • Fixed program crash at creation of Zip archive on FAT32 formatted partition.
  • Updated German translation, thanks to Oliver Cremer.
  • Updated Dutch translation, thanks to Elbert Pol.

Zippy 0.05.00 (2013/02/25)

  • Additional menu item that allow to easy unpack all archive to the specified directory now added to "Open as" submenu of archive objects.
  • Zippy can be integrated to folder context menu.
  • The check mark of the archive element can be toggled via pressing of a SPACE keyboard button.
  • Corrected suggested extraction path for multi-volumed archives.

Zippy 0.04.01

  • Fixed opening of Rar archives containing recovery records.

Zippy 0.04.00 (2012/10/08)

  • Now correctly extracts and compress EAs in Zip archives.
  • Now correctly extracts and compress EAs in 7-Zip archives.
  • Now correctly extracts EAs from Rar archives.

Zippy 0.03.00 (2012/09/20)

  • Now you can create or update Zip, 7-Zip or Tar archive. You also can remove files from such archives.
  • Now asks the user if he did not mark any archive element before trying to extract from archive.
  • Fixed selective extracting from solid archives.

Zippy 0.02.00 (2012/07/24)

  • Now you can test the chosen archived files.
  • Now suggest an extraction path based on currently open archive path and name.
  • Now can recall 10 last extraction pathes.
  • Now the file sorting method can be chosen also from program menu bar.
  • Fixed a sorting of the directory tree after opening of multivolumed archive files.
  • Fixed unpacking of encrypted archives.

Zippy 0.01.00 (2012/06/25)

  • First public release.


  • 2012/01 - start of development
  • 2007 .. 2011 - searching for investor
  • 2005 .. 2007 - there was demand on such product




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Report: OS/2 compatible hardware


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