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eComStation is a greatly different operating system for PC (IBM OS/2 Warp)
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MSI GF615M-P33

Homepage: Specification

MSI GF615M-P33

Mark: Very good

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Tested with eCS 2.0 rc7 silver. Video works with Panorama, audio works with uniaud, ethernet works with nickk's nvidia driver.

Msg 1:

I got tired of my old slow system, so I decided to upgrade. Yesterday, I went to my local Fry's electronics store and bought some current hardware that the guy there recommended off the shelf: a case, a power supply, a motherboard (MSI GF615M-P33, contains NVIDIA Geforce 6150SE, nForce 439 chipset, with integrated video, network, HD audio, USB, IDE, SATA, RAID, Floppy, parallel port, and serial port), a processor (3.0ghz dual core AMD Athlon II), a couple of gigs of memory, and a 500gb SATA disk. Total cost US$300. (I already had a CD/DVD drive.) There was no reason for picking these particular parts, other than I wanted a motherboard with everything integrated, and I wanted a serial port. I didn't do any prior research, I just bought what the guy gave me. Also, I don't really need a 500gb disk, but the 320gb disk was the same price as the 500gb disk, so why not.

I brought the parts home, assembled them, popped my eCS 2.0 silver CD in the drive and booted it up using all the default settings in the BIOS, and the default settings on the eCS CD. I partitioned my disk and installed eCS. The installer chose the Panorama video driver, but didn't select any audio device, and couldn't find the ethernet controller. So I manually selected uniaud, and "No Adapter" for the network, knowing it is trivial to add a network driver later. The install finished in about 15 minutes with no errors. The system boots and plays the startup music, the video works great at 1280x1024 the maximum resolution of my "test" monitor, and I installed nickk's NVIDIA network driver and the network works fine, too. As near as I can tell everything works. Total time from bringing the parts home to a running eCS system: about 1 hour.

Still to do: Configure the video for my 1920x1080 display, test the audio further, get the second CPU working, and move all my data. The installer installed the SMP kernel, but only one CPU is running. Probably because I didn't do the ACPI wizard thing yet.



Information is sent by: David Azarewicz -- 2010-03-29 23:10:00


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Several dosenz of applications may be ported to eComStation thanks to Qt4 toolkit

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Report: OS/2 compatible hardware


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