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IBM Netfinity M10 7000


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IBM Netfinity M10 7000

Mark: Very good

This is a 1-Way to 4 Way 130lb/65kg Netfinity Server that supports up to 4 550MHz Xeon CPUs and up to 4GB RAM (with OS/2 - machine limit is 8GB). The machine works flawlessly with Warp Server for e-Business (tested release 4.52PF). For additional functions (such as remote management) you also need the Netfinity Management Software. WSeB properly recognized and installed all hardware - with the exception of the additional NIC cards in the machine (comes with Intel 10/100 cards). Resolving this issue is easy. When the Intel driver loads, it identifies that it has found 3 NICs in the machine at slot ID ____ and that you must specify the slot ID for each in the driver parameters (which is a lot simpler done than explained - open MPTS, select each card, add the adapter ID as identified by the driver - usually looks like 000C, 0089, etc).

I have not tested USB (though the installer identified the USB chipset and installed the drivers - REM'd out as is the norm for WSeB).

Also: This system (and probably all the Netfinity 7000 Series) has been tested and certified to be WSeB capable by IBM.

  • Note: For multi-CPU support, you need WSeB or eCS with multi-CPU support upgrade.
  • Note 2: The System Management Card's NIC also is recognized and installed by WSeB - but CANNOT be used as a regular NIC - it is for the SysManBus only - which is indicated in the documentation.
  • Note 3: This machine is a heavy, well built machine (FedEx dropped mine off the truck on delivery - but it still works fine.
  • Note 4: If you need a machine where multiple CPUs are more important than one fast one (ie: web serving, SQL serving or any app that is highly multi-threaded), this machine is the way to go.
  • Note 5: Intel Pro1000 NICs work fine in this machine - same actions described above to install multiple ones - and make sure you put them in different busses (the server has 3 separate PCI busses - one of which is 64bit).
  • Note 6: For increased performance (in any OS), make sure to fill the memory board(s) with identical size and speed and brand memory. If you have two boards (ideal situation), use 512MBx4 modules for a total of 4GB. Use 1GBx4 if you have one memory backplane board. Two backplane boards all with identical modules will increase memory speed dramatically. One with identical memory will still increase it greatly. Differing memory modules will not allow the hardware to access multiple banks at the same time.
  • Final Note: This unit and all repair/upgrade components can usually be found on eBay really cheap. Feel free to email me for the service guide/maintenance manual if you need it.


Information is sent by: Robert Mauro -- 2007-06-29 22:34:04


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