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APeCS report

  Date: 2003-08-16 13:14:02
Correspondent: APeCS Bot
Source: eComStation.Ru

Latest changes in APeCS database (34 programs updated) :

  • socksd by nickk is updated to 2.2.4
    Native multithreaded socksd server with built-in TCP/UDP portmaps . . .

  • Links by - is updated to 0.99pre8
    Links is a text-mode web-browser. . . .

  • JPhotoBrush Pro by Tanveer Rameez is updated to 1.1
    JPhotoBrush Pro is an Award Winning Multi-Platform Image Editing/ Enhancement/ Retouch Application written in Java providing various filters, effects and transformation with user friendly interface . . .

  • CDRWSEL by Dodin is updated to V2.10.x
    GUI to use RSJ command line possibilities (Design updated and new functions added) . . .

  • wxWindows by - is updated to 2.4.1
    wxWindows is most intresting cross-platform GUI C/C++ open-source library . . .

  • CommuniGate Pro by Stalker Software Inc. is updated to 4.1
    The leading high-end Internet Messaging platform, CommuniGate Pro has set a new industry standard in scalability and reliability . . .

  • ASSP by jhanna is updated to 0.3.1
    The Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy (ASSP) Server project aims to create an open source platform-independent SMTP Proxy server which implements whitelists and Bayesian filtering to rid the planet of the blight of unsolicited email (UCE). . . .

  • MagicDraw UML by NoMagic Inc. is updated to 7.0
    MagicDraw is the UML modeling tool written in pure Java . . .

  • The Love Calculator by Doctor Love is updated to 1.02
    Love Calculator . . .

  • Shisen/2 by Juergen and Uwe aus dem Moore is updated to 1.31
    Shisen is a popular japanese board game . . .

  • Java2 Standart Edition by Golden Code is updated to 1.4.1_03
    The Golden Code Run Time Environment (RTE) and Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE Platform) is a licensed and branded, native port of Sun Microsystem's latest Java technology to OS/2 . . .

  • Crown of Might by Uwe & Juergen aus dem Moore is updated to 1.06
    CROWN OF MIGHT is set in Medieval England . . .

  • Tame/2 by Goran Ivankovic is updated to 0.9.8 update 1
    Tame/2 should keep the promise of easy scanner access so it consists of a database with the specific settings for the scanners supported by SANE . . .

  • Apache by Brian Havard is updated to 1.3.28
    OS/2 version of famous apache web-server. . . .

  • Mozilla by Mozilla Team is updated to 1.5 a
    Warpzilla is an OS/2 port of most powerfull multiplatform internet suite . . .

  • JRescuer by Pavel Shtemenko is updated to -
    Can rescue files from damaged JFS volume even from volumes, which cannot be mounted . . .

  • OS/2 APM by IBM is updated to -
    This software package provides IBM's most current support for: * Intel's SpeedStep technology for IBM ThinkPad T2x and T30 systems * Intel's Enhanced SpeedStep technology for IBM ThinkPad T40 systems The following IBM OS/2 operating system versions support the SpeedStep and Enhanced SpeedStep technologies, when the appropriate OS/2 FixPaks and device-driver support are applied . . .

  • InnoTek Font Engine for OS/2 by Innotek is updated to 1.00
    The InnoTek Font Engine for OS/2 (powered by Freetype 2) is a port of the Freetype 2 font engine to the OS/2 Warp platform which provides a tight integration with the OS/2 graphics subsystem . . .

  • Rename Enhancer by Alexander Tebenihin is updated to 0.1.5
    Batch renaming a group of files. . . .

  • NICPAK by Chuck McKinnis is updated to 2003.07.29 build
    The NICPAK package is a collection of various NIC (Network Interface Card) drivers and a tool for detecting and installing them . . .

  • OS/2 Kit for Acrobat Reader by Innotek is updated to 4.05
    OS/2 Kit for Acrobat Reader is a software package designed to address the needs of enterprises still running the IBM OS/2 platform while requiring access to the latest PDF electronic document technology from Adobe Systems. . . .

  • Thunderbird by - is updated to 0.1
    Mozilla Thunderbird is a redesign of the Mozilla mail component . . .

  • Firebird by - is updated to 0.6.1
    Mozilla Firebird is a speedy, full-featured browser that makes browsing more efficient than ever before . . .

  • Win32Prn by Vit Timchishin is updated to 0.9.2a
    The project allows using Windows 2000 printer drivers with Odin . . .

  • PMView Pro by Peter Nielsen is updated to 3.02
    Powerfull graphics viewer for OS/2, Windows . . .

  • DFSee by Jan van Wijk is updated to 5.25
    Display File Systems (DFSee) is a generic partition and filesystem browser/analyser . . .

  • NewView by Aaron Lawrence is updated to 2.6.4
    NewView is a replacement for View.exe, the original OS/2 help viewer . . .

  • WordWrap by Don Eitner is updated to 1.41
    WordWrap cleans up text files either as single-line paragraphs or word wrapped to a specified margin . . .

  • UniAud/2 by vladest is updated to build 20030807
    UniAud/2 is based on the GPL ALSA Project from Linux . . .

  • Password Manager by Ramesh Natarajan is updated to V3.0 Build 2
    Password Manager stores passwords and other sensitive information in a safe place . . .

  • eBayWatch/2 by Ken Kirchner is updated to 1.09m
    eBayWatch/2 is an auction management tool for OS/2 users . . .

  • DrWeb Daemon and Sendmail Filter for OS/2 by Igor Daniloff's antivirus Lab. is updated to 4.29
    DrWeb Sendmail Filter is able to scan mails that comes thru SMTP server . . .

  • PM Downloader by Eugene Romanenko is updated to 0.8.7
    PM Downloader is the advanced interactive multithreaded network retriever for OS/2 & eCS Presentation Manager supporting HTTP and FTP protocols for downloading files . . .

  • OpenWatcom by SciTech Software Inc is updated to 1.1 RC1
    OpenWatcom is an freeware successor for famous Watcom compiler suite . . .


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