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APeCS report

  Date: 2003-06-30 12:08:59
Correspondent: APeCS Bot
Source: eComStation.Ru

Latest changes in APeCS database (11 programs updated) :

  • DFSee by Jan van Wijk is updated to 5.23
    Display File Systems (DFSee) is a generic partition and filesystem browser/analyser . . .

  • JCW/2 by Serg Kopalin is updated to 1.1
    This program is designed for creation and solving japanese and trditional crosswords . . .

  • tavrasm by Tom Mortensen is updated to 1.18
    Macroassembler for AVR-series of microcontrollers . . .

  • CooLFM by eCo Software is updated to 2.0 beta 10
    USB, PCI, ISA fm-tuners driver, events manager, transmissions recorder . . .

  • CDRWSEL by DODIN is updated to V2.0.1
    GUI to attach multiple CDRW at the same time (Smaller main menu available) . . .

  • SNAP by SciTech is updated to 2.2.0
    SciTech SNAP (System Neutral Access Protocol) will change the way you look at device support forever . . .

  • Web/2 by dink is updated to 1.3x beta 4
    fast, small and feature-packed web-server . . .

  • Shisen/2 by Juergen and Uwe aus dem Moore is updated to 1.3
    Shisen is a popular japanese board game . . .

  • RSJ CD Writer by RSJ Software is updated to 5.02
    CD Writing Tool . . .

  • WPS Wizard by Chris Wohlgemuth is updated to 0.4.0
    WPS-Wizard is an addon for the WPS which gives you freely configurable context menus for all filesystem objects . . .

  • BubblePad by Chris Wohlgemuth is updated to 1.05
    Bubblepad is a replacement class for the Launchpad of OS/2 Warp 3 and above . . .