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OS/2 is a greatly different operating system for PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
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James J. Weinkam, 2012/11/08 comp.os.os2.ecomstation Something needs to be done to make it possible to install to a volume on a drive over 500GB that already contains one or more bootable JFS volumes. As I understand it, the only way OS/2 or eCS and utilize an entire drive larger than 500GB is for OS/2 or eCS to be the system that first sees the drive in its pristine state so that it can choose the geometry. My experience has invariably been that this works but that once eCS has been installed to a bootable JFS volume on such a drive, LVM considers the drive to have a corrupt partition table and refuses to commit any changes to it. For the most part this is just an annoyance, as the system works normally in all other respects, and DFSee can usually do everything that ever needs to be done to the drive and does not consider the it corrupt. However the eCS2.1 installer refuses to install eCS to a volume on such a drive because the manage volumes tool, being LVM based, considers the drive corrupt and insists that there are no suitable volumes to install to.
2012/11/xx source: Norbert Dragon comp.os.os2.ecomstation

> What do you recommend?

A boot manager and a lvm-manager (fdisk) which can coexist with Debian Linux grub2 and Windows.

Presently, I have to rewrite with dfsee the whole partition table in order to boot to Linux or Windows7 and rewrite it again if I want to switch back to eCS.

> * What utilities do you recommend to include in eComStation?

I use Yaos and HView since the early days.

I miss a sufficiently recent TeX, emTeX is no longer sufficient for the current Koma-package.

Moreover, I would like a stable video player.

David Cull, 2012/11/08 FileStar/2 used it for years. Excellent file manager

> * What applications (trial versions) do you recommend include to eComStation?


> * What settings to set by default? >

maybe not settings, but some gui path to installing Adobe flash_ecs_beta2-release with links to all the prerequisites and the readme, appropriate caveats, warnings, etc.



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