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DVD/CD Toys History

(notes for translators)

DVD/CD Toys 1.08.00 (2020/10/21)

  • Manual is translated into Deutsch, thanks to Mathias Rissler.
  • Now gnudb.org is used to access to free CD database. If there was no switch to the new host after the tools update, press the "Default" button on the "Metadata" tab of the configuration dialog.
  • Burn Audio Disc
  • Now supports hi-res 24 and 32-bit audio files.
  • Save Audio Track
  • Added support of the WavPack audio compression.

DVD/CD Toys 1.04.00 (20150821)

  • The DVD/CD Toys now has great and powerful tool that allows save and compress any of selected track of the audio compact disk.
  • Updated French translation, thanks to Guillaume Gay.

Create Boot Image

  • Correctly extracts boot images containing a boot information table.

Burn Files

  • Now allows to create boot information table inside boot image if it is necessary.


  • Core functions now supports the DVD_BOOT_TABLE option. DVDDiskInfo(), DVDSelectEncoder(), DVDEncoderInfo() and DVDSaveTrack() functions are added to the DVD/CD Toys core.

DVD/CD Toys 1.03.00

  • No more show error at beginning of reading from read-only devices.
  • Trying to improve detection of a capabilities of a recording device.
  • Huge execution logs are now correctly copied to clipboard.

DVD/CD Toys 1.02.00

  • The main tool window is hidden on operation runtime now and you can minimize an operation progress dialog.
  • Tries to check up free space on the disc before to burn and shows an appropriate message if its is not enough.
  • Suggests to blank a rewritable non-empty disk in a case if finds out burning attempt on such disk and its blanking hasn't been chosen by user before.
  • The step of fixating of the burned session is shown now via progress dialog.
  • The execution log now use monospaced font. The execution log dialog also has now maximizing and closing buttons.

  • Burn Files

  • Now correctly sorts project files after renaming.
  • Renaming of a boot image or a boot catalog file is prevented because it is cause cdrecord errors.

  • Core

  • Core functions now supports the DVD_OFFER_BLANK option.

DVD/CD Toys 1.01.00

  • The DVD/CD Toys now have great and powerful tool that allows creation, extraction and restoration of boot images which are necessary for burning a bootable compact disk or creating of an ISO image of such disk.
  • The size of additional memory buffer that enhances the physical buffer of the recorder can be changed via configuration dialog.

  • Burn Files

  • Now allows to burn bootable compact disks and to create images of such disks.
  • The disk name changed via project tree now is used correctly.

DVD/CD Toys 1.00.00 (2010/09/29)

  • Current operation and its progress are displayed in the task list.
  • Single selected record from tracer window is correctly copied to the clipboard.
  • The DVD/CD Toys try to gracefully format new "maiden" DVD+RW disks before use because some users report that such disks aren't auto-formatted via CDRTools.

  • Burn Files

  • The addition problems dialog columns alignment is corrected.
  • The sizebar now have yellow mark of the end of the free space on compact disk.

  • Burn Audio Disc

  • Does not crash in case in the IOProc module there is a memory access violation.
  • The addition problems dialog columns alignment is corrected.
  • Doesn't shuffle tracks after moving their in the project window.
  • The sizebar now have yellow mark of the end of the free time on compact disk.

  • Copy Disc

  • Saving of the intermediate image of the audio disc can be correctly interrupted by user.

  • Save Disc Image

  • Saving of the audio disc image can be correctly interrupted by user.

  • Core

  • DVDSaveImage() now returns a DVD_ERR_MULTISESSION for multisession disks.

DVD/CD Toys 0.09.00 (2010/06/07)

  • The DVD/CD Toys now have great and powerful tool that allows creating and burning of an audio compact disks from a set of audio files.
  • The DVD/CD Toys use new Open File Container dialogs and controls.
  • The progress dialogs now show elapsed and remaining time.
  • Location of the directory used to hold temporary files can be changed via configuration dialog.
  • Now user can drop any file to the tool entry field instead of selecting it via file selection dialog.
  • All non-printable characters in CD-Text labels are replaced by space. This prevents problems during copying audio disc with incorrect CD-Text information.
  • The tracer window is no more freezed in case a system modal popup window is activated.

  • Burn Files

  • No more SYS0039 error pop-ups in case AUTOFAIL=NO.

DVD/CD Toys 0.08.00 (2009/10/27)

  • The DVD/CD Toys now have tool that provides information about capabilities of a recording device.
  • The DVD/CD Toys now have tool that converts disc image from various formats to standard ISO9660 image.

  • Burn Files

  • Dragging of a large quantity of files is possible now.

  • Core

  • DVDConvertImage() and DVDDeviceInfo() functions are added to the DVD/CD Toys core.

DVD/CD Toys 0.07.02 (2009/09/24)

  • Fixed memory leak in the DVD/CD Toys tracer.
  • The media is verified correctly after burning large DVD image.

DVD/CD Toys 0.07.01 (2009/09/15)

  • The speed selection dialog provides only speed values supported by the device and by currently mounted media (except for write speed in the Copy Disc tool).
  • Read errors are reflected via progress dialog immediately after detection.

DVD/CD Toys 0.07.00 (2009/09/01)

    Burn Files

  • Toolbar icon set can be changed via the main menu.
  • The media can be verified after burning.
  • Fixed some issues at addition, copying, moving or renaming of the files containing national characters.

    Burn Disc Image

  • The media can be verified after burning.

    Copy Disc

  • The media can be verified after burning.


  • Core functions now supports the DVD_VERIFY option.

DVD/CD Toys 0.06.00 (2009/06/30)

  • Calculation of the size of new session for multisession disks is corrected.
  • Allow Joliet filenames to be up to 103 Unicode characters.
  • Blanking operation now have progress bar (CD-RW and DWD+RW only) if CDRTools version 2.01.01a37 or above is installed.
  • Now is possible to specify all set of labels at record or creation of a disk image.

    Burn Files

  • Prevents new line when renaming file or folder.
  • The burning progress bar became more accurate.
  • The main window is not closed when Alt-F4 is used to close the configuration window.

DVD/CD Toys 0.05.00 (2009/05/28)

  • DVD/CD Toys now have Russian and English online manual and context help.
  • DVD/CD Toys translated into Swedish.
  • The execution log have new resizable dialog window.
  • DVD/CD Toys use own pipelines for executed programs. It resolves problems with deadlock of mkisofs and cdrecord. Multisession disks now can be burned while using blocking OS2CDROM.DMD.

    Burn Files

  • Now uses system icons for drives and folders.
  • The prepared project can be saved into file and loaded afterwards.
  • The double click or pressing ENTER on a file in the files browser or in the project editor opens this file.
  • Additional check on identical names at addition, copying, moving or renaming of files in the project.
  • UDF/ISO is selected automatically for DVD and Blu-Ray disks if CDRTools version above 2.01.01a46 is installed.

    Burn Disc Image

  • Audio and clone modes are selected correctly after changing a type of a disc image in the file open dialog.

    Copy Disc

  • Queries the confirmation on overwriting of an intermediate image if it already exist.


  • All core functions now checks media type and returns DVD_ERR_INCOMPATIBLE if an operation is not supported by this type of media.

DVD/CD Toys 0.04.01 (2009/03/23)

  • Updated Dutch translation.

DVD/CD Toys 0.04.00 (2009/03/13)

  • Audio compact disks can be copied, can be saved into image file and are burned from an image.
  • In some cases an extension of image file changes automatically depending on an image type. And in reverse order.
  • Traced tools output and execution log have more compact and human readable form.

    Burn Files

  • Layout of the program window can be changed via the main menu.
  • The program toolbar have new and colorful icons.

    Copy Disc

  • Reading speed can be changed.


  • Core functions now supports the DVD_AUDIO option.

DVD/CD Toys 0.03.00 (2009/02/26)

  • All programs have new and unique icons.
  • All programs notify user about successful completion.
  • Device or device speed can be selected via double-click.
  • Until cdrecord returns the incomplete information about DVD+RW media, they will be always interpreted as empty.
  • All centered dialogs are constrained so that their height and their width are wholly visible on the desktop.

    Burn Files

  • The choice of clearing of the project after burning is added to the burning dialog.
  • The program now can be closed via Alt-F4.

    Burn Disc Image

  • Now it is necessary to select a disc image before the burn button will be pressed.


  • DVDAbout() function is added to the DVD/CD Toys core.
  • All burning functions now checks presence of specified files and returns DVD_ERR_NOT_FOUND if files does not exist.
  • Core functions now supports the DVD_NOTIFY option.

DVD/CD Toys 0.02.00 (2009/02/16)

  • Now it is possible to select and copy to the clipboard the traced tools output.
  • DVD/CD Toys translated into Dutch.
  • DVD/CD Toys translated into French.
  • The some error messages became more informative.

Burn Files

  • Fixed SYS3170 at program termination.

DVD/CD Toys 0.01.00 (2009/02/12)

  • First public release.

DVD/CD Toys 0.00.00 (June, 2008)

The project was started


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Report: OS/2 compatible hardware


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