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How to support T&V HappyPlayer project?

T&V HappyPlayer allows you control TV-tuners built on Brooktree BT848 chip (and compatible). Supported signal coding standards: PAL and SECAM. It is pleasant to notice that unlike other applications, T&V HappyPlayer does not hog CPU.

T&V HappyPlayer overviews: RUS: Advice for users of TVHP
RUS: Review of HappyPlayer (2005/10)
RUS: Review of T&V HappyPlayer (1999/08)


Supported hardware
  • Hauppauge WinTV (Tuner: Temic 4009FR5, Decoder: BT878)
  • AIMSlab Video Highway Xtreme
  • FlyVideo II, 98, 98FM
  • AVer TVPhone98, TVPhone, TVCapture98, TVCapture, TVStudio
  • Tekram M205pro
  • ProLink PixelView
  • Vobis Highscreen
  • ATI TV Wonder
  • Miro TV PCTV

System requirements

Hardware requirements

  • PC-compatible computer
  • PCI 2.0 bus (some TV-cards may require PCI 2.1)
  • TV-tuner card based on Brooktree/Fusion BT848A chip (or newer).
  • TV system with SECAM and/or PAL signal coding. No NTSC support yet, sorry!
  • HighColor or TrueColor videomode

Software requirements:

  • eComStation 1.x, IBM OS/2 Warp 3.0 or higher
  • Presentation Manager, DIVE
  • WarpOverlay! video-overlay for Fullscreen

  • Picture scaling, clipping
  • Channel autoscan
  • Separate tuning of signal coding (PAL/SECAM), brightness, contrast and color saturation for each of 100 channels
  • Support of channel descriptions in a text file


Click to enlarge

T&V HappyPlayer View
Press GreyUp/GreyDn to change channel; b/B, c/C - adjustment of brightness and contrast

Click to enlarge

T&V HappyPlayer View
s - scan the tv-space, [/] - precise frequency tuning, W - save stations
Check out:
  • History - Revision history, download an older versions
  • Download - Download fresh version of T&V HappyPlayer


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Database of OS/2 compatible hardware


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