eCo Software Runtime (Net) updated to 20110804

--------------- 2016/05/06
  14.04.2016 Dmitry A.Steklenev
   - Added support of files whose size > 2GB.


[some information missing..]


  04.10.2013 v. 3.2.2 Andrey Vasilkin
   - The function HTTPServWrite() returns an error HTTPSERV_EOF for answers
     that must not have a body. Response code for that is checked by function
     HTTPServSetHeader() (or HTTPServSetHeader2() ).
   - Old fieldlists API. Fail on NULL string arguments - fixed.

  24.09.2013 v. 1.0.5 Andrey Vasilkin
   - More precise work with a timeout in the function HTTPHostClntAccept()
   - Events (new API of ecshttp used)

  01.07.2011 Dmitry A.Steklenev
   - Prevented one common mistake at setting of the proxy hostname.
   - Added xio_set_no_proxy() and xio_no_proxy() functions. Now a HTTP proxy
     can be bypassed during to access to user-specified domains.
  28.04.2011 Dmitry A.Steklenev
   - Added xio_fileno(), xio_fgetpos() and xio_fsetpos() functions.

  21.02.2011 Dmitry A.Steklenev
   - xio_errno() now return non-zero code in case host name can't be resolved.
  11.03.2010 Dmitry A.Steklenev
   - Slightly improved a programming guide and reference.