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Report: OS/2 compatible hardware




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Lenovo Thinkpad W500


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Lenovo Thinkpad W500

Mark: Good

(This report is prepared by ecomstation.ru scout), source of information: Alex Taylor, eComStation yahoo group

I just got a W500, which is the last model that doesn't use a 16:9 screen (it has 16:10, which is just barely tolerable IMO). It seems to work well so far with the latest ACPI and Panorama (which will be included in eCS 2.2). Sound works, although I haven't tried anything fancier than system sounds. The Gb Ethernet driver loads successfully, although I haven't tried to connect it yet (no free ports on my switch right now). Both CPU cores are used, and I have native 1600x1050 resolution with Panorama. USB works as normal.

What doesn't work:

  • WiFi. Apparently a WiFi driver is on Mensys's TODO list but I suspect that won't happen for a while (given the other demands on their driver developer's time).
  • Suspend/resume. Well, technically suspend works, but resume doesn't. :) Hopefully this is also on the TODO list.
  • Web cam (AFAIK at least; but I don't know of any current OS/2 applications that would be able to use it even if we did have a driver)
  • Bluetooth (again, there are no OS/2 programs that can use this anyway, AFAIK).

I haven't tried the modem (who uses these anymore?) or the fingerprint reader, but I would assume they aren't supported either. I haven't tried IrDA, but I never got IrDA to do anything useful under OS/2 even on laptops where it was supported...

As a desktop substitute, it seems decent. If you really need to be mobile, you might want to wait for WiFi and suspend/resume support.


Information is sent by: eComStation.RU Scout -- 2013-02-05 14:28:14


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Rob Hamerling
2013-02-18 18:10:22

What is Product-ID? Thanks Rob.

Alex Taylor
2013-08-06 22:01:11

Hmm, I'd been planning to do a proper review here once I'd tested it more, but I guess you beat me to it. The model is 4062-36U.

Just to update: Gigabit Ethernet works well with the Intel driver from Mensys. Sound works well also. The system overall is nice and stable.

Battery life is noticeably shorter (about half or less) than it is when booted into Win7.

WiFi is still not working, neither is suspend/resume. Since I'll be taking this system off to grad school soon, these may become more serious issues than they are with me basically using it as a desktop replacement as now.

Also not working is the integrated card reader. (This is not a USB device like the webcam or fingerprint scanner, but uses a dedicated onboard controller which it also manages the PCMCIA and FireWire: [url] Apparently drivers are required under Linux for each of the particular card functions, so presumably the same would be true for OS/2.)

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Dutch company Mensys BV was founded in 1993, opened the web-site in 1997. Mensys catalogue - mensys.nl

The company was forming OS/2 Warp market during the 90-th: promotion of software, support of the developers, infrastructure foundation. Mensys catalogies from the 90-th: photos



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Report: OS/2 compatible hardware


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