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Lenovo ThinkPad T510


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Lenovo ThinkPad T510

Mark: Bad

It works, but it is an ugly conversion. So far, I can have Win7, as it came, or I can have eCS. The disk must be wiped, and rebuilt with eCS to get eCS to install. Then, win7 won't work (still need to try a few things). I think this is more of a problem with the disk size (500 GB) than with either Win7 or eCS.

  • Had to set compatibility mode for the SATA drive.
  • Had to use GRADD for the install (haven't tried to get anything else to work, yet).
  • Had to disable ACPI, or it will hang on SCREEN01.SYS.
  • USB is odd. It has two EHCI adapters, and no UHCI, or OHCI adapters. USB 1.1 devices seem to work fine (not sure how).
  • Wide screen activator allows the native 1600x900 resolution (with GRADD).
  • Wired NIC works with the new Intel NIC driver. Had to install with no network adapter, and add it later.
  • Wireless is not recognized.
  • Sound is not recognized, but works when UniAud is selected.

More work to be done...


Information is sent by: Doug Bissett -- 2011-01-02 04:13:41


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How to accelerate read/write to USB flashdisk? FAQ -> Q7


Doug Bissett
2011-01-09 21:25:25

Some updates:

Panorama works fine, but I need to use GRADD for install. Wide screen activator also works (even with GRADD).

ACPI works, using /SMP /APIC /EIS, but it takes about 4 minutes to get past SCREEN01.SYS. Power off works. I haven't, yet, tried suspend/resume.

UniAud works well, but the speakers are pretty marginal.

The main problem is that I need to do a wipe of the original software, and rebuild the partitions with eCS. That works fine, and eCS installs, with no real problems. However, now, win7 won't boot. If I install win7 (using the recovery DVDs that I built), it puts it back as it was originally. I can then convert to using compatibility SATA mode, and win7 will shrink the partitions to make room for eCS (see instructions in [url]). However the eCS installer refuses to enable the install, complaining about an invalid partition table. I can use DFSEE to make partitions, install Boot Manager, and then I can format the partitions as JFS, but the installer still complains, and refuses to enable the eCS install. At the moment, I put eCS on it, and win7 is waiting for a solution to this problem.

I have yet to try to get WiFi to go.

Overall, the T510 works pretty good (once it gets booted), but it seems that you can use either win7 (original), or you can run eCS. You can't run both.

Doug Bissett
2011-01-19 01:24:08

More accomplished. I found a way to make Win7 install in such a way that eCS will accept the disk geometry. I now have Win7, in a single partition, and eCS installed.

Other than the hang at SCREEN01.SYS when using ACPI, and the WiFi (I haven't given up on that yet), this machine is working well. Change the mark from BAD to GOOD.

Doug Bissett
2011-03-21 00:57:28

More progress. The SCREEN01.SYS boot delay does not happen with the ACPIFullPolling version 3.19 ACPI. However, that broke the "/APIC" support. The machine does work fine with "/SMP /PIC".

The only thing left is the WiFi support. I got the default Realtek card. If I had known then, what I know now, I would have got one of the Intel WiFi cards, but support for them is still pending.

Doug Bissett
2011-05-18 19:19:07

More progress...

ECS 2.1 has supplied the OS2AHCI driver. This works well, but requires the /R parameter to make it work.

ECS 2.1 comes with ACPI 3.18, which works, but has the 4 minute delay at SCREEN01.SYS. Trying ACPI 3.19 FullPolling causes a system trap.

Doug Bissett
2012-02-06 23:22:19

More progress:

I installed ACPI 3.19.15. The machine works almost as well as it did with earlier 3.19 versions, but I still can't get the WiFi to work (Trap in GENMAC). This version of ACPI broke the Reactor Temperature widget. Other than that it is working well.

Eugene Gorbunoff
2014-07-03 14:29:38

<eco-dev> _diver do we have problem of 512Mb on T510?

<_diver> mine has 4GB and eCS sees 3GB

<_diver> to be exact is sees 3058MB

<eco-dev> ok..

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